Thursday, November 24, 2011

Pre-natal Yoga vid

GAIAM's Pre-natal yoga DVD

I found this DVD at VV (ahem, value village) for $3 and so far i've been content with it. 

The hardest part of watching yoga on TV is you can't see what others are doing beside you...and thus if you are doing the pose right, and you don't have a teacher there to correct you.  However, as my friends have told me, prenatal yoga teachers don't really do much correcting as it is all "as tolerated" when it comes to yoga + pregnancy.

I like some of the moves in the video. Some poses I didn't know about and really provided a good, joint opening stretch. However, I have to watch the entire video to find those moves again as there is no pose index for me to filter through if I just want to do certain things.  I guess the purpose of doing the whole video is the mind/body/flow concept...things are supposed to flow like this!?  Also, what bothered me was that the moves were held kind of fast. You just aren't given time to hold it..breathe...feel the stretch...and gradually ease into the next pose.  I guess I can PAUSE the video and do something on each side (ie. like Bikrams), but i've slotted about an hour every other day or every few days for these exercises...not 90mins-2 hours! What I did like was that there were three people in the video, one to represent each trimester and you can follow whoever you want as tolerated.

even though i had a mere glass of chocolate milk prior, the times after the yoga session gave me some heartburn. I guess that's something I can't help since this kid is just up there and rising! the throatburn didn't last long, maybe 10mins or less. I otherwise feel better after than just doing nothing! Baby didn't care too much for it, he wasn't bouncing around or anything after but all in all no pain or discomfort and thus can only benefit both of us.


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