Wednesday, October 26, 2011

OMG the baby could be here in 3 months! (EDD Jan 24th)

Baby is about the weight of a head of cauliflower


You are now in the third trimester, and last, of your pregnancy! Your baby's crown-to-rump length is about 9.6 inches and your baby's total length is approximately 15.3 inches! Your baby now weighs about 2 pounds 3 ounces and is going to grow rapidly during this last trimester! Your uterus is about 2.8 inches above your bellybutton.

  • i thought 3rd trimester was next week? Oh-ly shiet!
If your baby were born now, it would have an 85% chance of surviving. Even though your baby is still not fully developed, she would be well within the limits of premature viability. You still have approximately 13 weeks left of your pregnancy, and during this time your baby must continue to grow and develop. If your baby was born at this time, she would have several complications that would require special attention. Because babies do not have adequate amounts of fat at this time, your baby would have to be kept inside of an incubator for warmth. Because the air sacs in your baby's lungs do not yet have surfactant, she would require an artificial respirator. Your baby's brain, liver and immune system still need to develop more also.

  • this paragraph is rather freaky! LOL! ok, thanks for the info ....
Make sure you take good care of your teeth. So-called `pregnancy gingivitis` affects most pregnant women to some degree, and generally occurs in the second trimester. If you already have gingivitis, the condition is likely to worsen during pregnancy.

  • for anyone who doesn't know already, im rather "obsessed" with my teeth and have ZERO cavities and ZERO fillings and i'd like to keep it that way. not like i have perfect teeth, but i remember having this scare sometime in the 7th grade before I started flossing regularly.  The hygienist was cleaning my teeth, told me to hold this mirror, and she showed me a fluttering in-between tooth gum connection as she blew this machine that just let out air...i was like "WHATTT THE FCCKKK!!?!? (inside thought)" LOL! and she said it was due to not brushing my teeth or flossing enough, and it'll only get worse. so, been obsessed since then hahaha.  Next dental appt is sometime in December. i'm kind of on the fence about that as i'm not sure how great i would feel in a trendelenberg position and supine...isn't that a bad baby circulation position?!
Your baby can develop hiccups
  • just watched that youtube video posted and subsequently felt my actual first baby response! I rubbed the right side of my belly (after a prolonged of no baby movement) and the baby responded with 3 jabs...AWESOME or coincidence?! I'll take it as awesome right now, as baby went back to sleep
  • some people have already felt this hiccuping business from wayyyy before, but i'm not quite sure what this is supposed to feel like? 
  • ive been getting a lot of "you don't look pregnant from the back" comments. interesting! i read somewhere this is a boy thing. but I also look at my other co-worker who's having a boy and she looks pregnant from the back...or that her scrubs are just tighter
  • "suffered" my first and second physical limitations this week! ack!
  • ok so first, i have a hard time picking stuff up from the ground or squatting to empty stuff from the ground (say a foley).  I was sitting in a chair, and usually I can just pick up stuff i dropped while still sitting down...but NOPE, had to actually get off the chair and squat down to pick the whatever I dropped! haha! it actually hurt to even try to pick the whatever (i think my cheat sheets?) from the ground while trying to remain seated. and of course, super difficult to pick up a pen I dropped from the ground without holding on to something and squatting.  same goes with catheter emptying, i have to hold on to the rail as I empty catheter bags! it ain't easy with a big hard belly!
  • second limitation, my legs are quite tired during my day shifts. the left worse than the right as that knee is screwed up from the running I did way back when (as in, crunch crunch click click screwed up). compression stockings are good, clogs are good, but really, I need to SIT many many times throughout the day. so far, i cant say im totally debilitated, but i am noticing a difference in speed, endurance, and walking style. The extra weight i've gained/carrying is doing a number on the knee joints! i definitely savor my breaks and my feet are up as much as I can. mind you, i have no ankle swelling or anything so it's been ok at that front.  ive also stopped taking the full flight of stairs to the unit as i'm like "im already walking in kilometeres during my shift, im not going to add extra wear and tear on my joints than I already am doing"
  • third limitation, again, my legs are tired and I can't even last for long periods while shopping! yesterday I went to the mall after a not so restful post night shift nap (can't waste a night sunny day staying indoors!), so I go to robson and boy do i feel like my pace is slower and legs just a little bit heavier. maybe I just needed more time to rest my legs from the night shift (like say, today would be a nice day to do some activities, but passed on that cuz it's frickin raining! argh). anyways, again, I was feeling kind of slow as I walked around. like not even an hour after i started I was like already feeling heavy-legged.  I even had to take a minimum 10 minute sit down break! prior to pregnancy, i can go on for hours and hours walking and window shopping...but nope! of course it didn't help that there was absolutely NOTHING to buy so I was turned off initially. I was/am also kind of sick of buying baby stuff right now as I feel as if I have everything already but the baby. so...there was no materialistic reward to be had except for a nice sunny day outdoors.
  • vanilla yogourt with a crumbled breakfast bar/cereal bar gives me throat burn boo! by throat burn I mean, it burns when I need to kind of burp (but not big loud trucker burps)...and of course, when in discomfort, i am burping all the time! but if i use yogourt in my smoothies, no heartburn. weird.  officially, the only two things that have given me real heart burn from esophagus to throat are those two chips from previous posts *knock on wood*
  • i ate 2 hot dogs this week. bought the natural selections brand with no nitrates/nitrites. it was alright...i think baby liked it...but i had some minor throat burn that night...or was it due to that vanilla yogourt concoction i ate afterwards?!
  • i think the baby's back is tilted towards my right side, it feels harder there than my left
  • im not sure if it was my first braxton-hicks contraction but i had some moderately painful cramping on my last night shift during my sleep break. i was lying on my left that entire break, woke up to some moderate soreness to my right lower abd. quadrant, and even if i rubbed it the pain wouldnt go away. it eventually did when i woke up and stood up. maybe it was gas pains?! (not constipated) or the baby just telling me that it did not like the position i was lying in
  • i also had some kind nagging flat ache (not pain) running down my navel and kind of spanning the lower abdomen/(where my old uterus would be) late into my 2nd day shift and the beginning of my 2nd night shift. i like to think it may be round ligament pain, but i think i also know i did a bit more straining at work than i should have. so of course, Gene is telling me to call in sick and call in sick from now on at any time I may feel even slightly unwell! but i know my limitations, or am i realistic to my new limitations?! not sure yet. things just need to get done at work you know? and you dont always have someone there to help you out. hmmmm
info on aches from babycenter:
Surprising Facts: Symptoms you should never ignore

So many aches, pains, and strange feelings arise during pregnancy that it can be hard to decide what's normal and what warrants a call to your doctor or midwife. To complicate matters further, some symptoms may be more or less urgent depending on your particular situation or health history and on how far along you are in your pregnancy. Here's a rundown of symptoms that could be a sign of a problem. If you have any of these complaints, call your doctor or midwife immediately:
Before you reach 37 weeks:
  • Pelvic pressure (a feeling that your baby is pushing down), lower back pain (especially if it's a new problem for you), menstrual-like cramping or abdominal pain, or more than four contractions in an hour (even if they don't hurt)
  • An increase in vaginal discharge or a change in the type of discharge — if it becomes watery, mucus-like, or bloody (even if it's only pink or blood-tinged)
At any time:
  • Your baby is moving or kicking less than usual
  • Severe or persistent abdominal pain or tenderness
  • Vaginal bleeding or spotting, or watery discharge
  • Pain or burning when you urinate, or little or no urination
  • Severe or persistent vomiting, or any vomiting accompanied by pain or fever
  • Chills or a fever of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher
  • Blurred or double vision, or seeing spots or "floaters"
  • A severe or persistent headache, or any headache accompanied by blurred vision, slurred speech, or numbness
  • Any swelling in your face or puffiness around your eyes, anything more than mild swelling in your fingers or hands, or severe or sudden swelling in your legs, feet, or ankles, or a rapid weight gain (more than 4 pounds in a week)
  • Severe or persistent leg or calf pain that doesn't ease up when you flex your ankle and point your toes toward your nose, or one leg significantly more swollen than the other
  • Trauma to your abdomen
  • Fainting, frequent dizziness, rapid heartbeat, or palpitations
  • Difficulty breathing, coughing up blood, or chest pain
  • Severe constipation accompanied by abdominal pain or severe diarrhea that lasts more than 24 hours
  • Persistent intense itching all over
  • Any health problem that you'd ordinarily call your practitioner about, even if it's not pregnancy-related (like worsening asthma or a cold that gets worse rather than better)
  • no linea nigra or new pregnancy related stretchmarks
  • i can definitely see a larger network of veins on my boobs
  • this girl at work due date is a couple of weeks after me said she's already producing milk. i'm like WTF? (inside thought) i asked if she's already using nursing pads, and she said no, but she's already producing milk and thus knows she'll just be one of those people that leak or whatever. it was too late into the night shift for me to carry on that conversation. i guess she's already seeing colostrum stains on her bra or she's already expressing?! I have no frickin idea! I have NONE of that going on right now that's for sure
  • baby is active, but i wouldn't say SUPER active. it doesn't wake me up at night though. it's funny this morning though one of my first conscious memories at 8:30am was my cat Moe meowing, and the baby kicked. Im sure the baby heard Moe nagging me to feed him this am and responded! hahaha
  • I really enjoy sitting on the sofa with my shirt rolled up just under my boobs when the baby is active and seeing my entire abdomen kind of jerk up and down to the kicks and jabs. I definitely haven't seen any hands or strange body parts exert itself from within! my abdomen continues to move about evenly
  • bought a box of halloween candy....BAD IDEA. they're sitting on my dining table and i head straight for them every day. im trying to limit myself to 2-4 a day or until the kit kat and Aero bars run out
  • im thinking of joining a breastfeeding class ..i think this is something of unknown territory that i need an introduction on. like this is something that'll FEED the kid, and though im not feeling pressure yet, im sure i will when im stressed out and a hungry kid is screaming his lungs out
  • my scrubs are no longer fitting well, especially the shirt, like im sure my belly is kind of exposed for the world to see at times and thus i dont dare do a full body stretch ...time to upgrade to a bigger size!! i'm also having a hard time finding the ties on my scrub pants when i need to undo them to go to the washroom. like, where's the knot I just tied?! hahaha
  • my mom mentioned it took about 1-2 hours for her to give birth to my sister and I. i didnt get into the conversation about tearing, but I hope this rubs off on me!
  • Janine is about a week overdue right now, but baby is doing well. she's having the induction talk with her MD today!
  • I have a midwife appt today at 3:30pm, pregnancy addendums to come tonight
how is my life changing according to babycenter?
How your life's changing:

The second trimester is drawing to a close, but as your body gears up for the final lap, you may start noticing some new symptoms. Along with an aching back, for example, you may find that your leg muscles cramp up now and then. They're carrying extra weight, after all, and your expanding uterus is putting pressure on the veins that return blood from your legs to your heart as well as on the nerves leading from your trunk to your legs.

Unfortunately, the cramps may get worse as your pregnancy progresses. Leg cramps are more common at night but can also happen during the day. When a cramp strikes, stretching the calf muscle should give you some relief. Straighten your leg and then gently flex your toes back toward your shin. Walking for a few minutes or massaging your calf sometimes helps, too.
It may be the furthest thing from your mind right now, but it's not too soon to think about family planning. You'll want to have made some decisions about postpartum birth control before your baby arrives. If you're considering a tubal ligation, be aware that most states require you to sign a consent form at least 30 days beforehand. So if you'd like the option of having the surgery during your postpartum hospital stay, don't wait too much longer to discuss it with your caregiver. (You can still change your mind later.)

  • as for family planning, I think Gene and I will have another kid 1.5-2yrs after the baby is born (hell, i have to see if i like this parenting business right? or even the kid to begin with! hahaha j/k!). but after 2 kids, Gene is getting SNIPPED!!


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