Saturday, October 1, 2011

October 1 u/s ...It's a....


profile shot



another profile, appears to be a future boxer

freaky frontal face shot

  • Greig and associates were AWESOME. Came in at 8:30am, done by in done, here are your pictures, patient satisfied to the highest degree
  • I saw the little in in penis + scrotal sac! It's a boy! The tech who was friendly and talked an appropriate amount said the baby wasn't shy about showing the genitals LOL!
  • baby is still facing my spine
  • placenta hasn't moved...still in the anterior position. basically running down my abdomen but not low enough to cover the cervix
  • my cervix was at a good length
  • baby is measuring ahead aka "a little big" at 24W 1D, and i'm currently at 23W 4D. Um, maybe I should stop eating like sheit and I DEFINITELY need to get the glucose tolerance test done sometime this week (say NO to gestational diabetes!!!)
  • feet and toes were good, femur was at a good length
  • saw the umbilical cord and they can show colors so you can see the blood flow
  • 2 kidneys, 4 chambers in the heart w/ good blood flow- also with color visual
  • mouth was good, no cleft palate
  • brain, and eyes were good
  • heart rate at 155bpm
  • baby was measuring appox 1.5lbs (+/- 4oz)
Awesome and uneventful in the "no news is good news" kind of way (ok well maybe the "measuring ahead" part is something I should be somewhat worried about).  Otherwise, it's been a good day and I can finally say F-I-N-A-L-L-Y! 

oh and the Chinese gender predictor was wrong for me!


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