Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Glucose Tolerance Test

What is the glucose tolerance test?
  • done between 24-28 weeks of pregnancy, the closer to the 24th week the better as the later it's done, there is a higher chance of false positives
  • my paternal grandparents both have diabetes, so this was rather important that I get this checked out
  • tests glucose tolerance (obviously), and more specifically, my risk/likelihood for gestational diabetes- not diagnostic, but the results may require me to get further tests and liase with a dietitian
  • 2-5% of pregnant women get gestational diabetes with no major symptoms except for GTT test results
How was the test?
  • fasting at least 8 hours prior. as in NO food, and NO WATER when I wake up (this already made me irritable in the morning)
  • went to the lab at 7:08am ...they opened at 7:00am and there were already 8 people ahead of me! WTF!
  • got fasting bloodwork done at 7:30am
  • given a clear 75g (maybe 200mls?) glucose-fructose drink that I had to down in 5 minutes (an orange flavor was optional, but the tech said this was more of a favourite amongst patients)
  • the drink was alright if you sipped at it, but because I had to down it, it was N-A-S-T-Y ...all i can taste was chemicals, citric acid, sugar, water, and more chemicals! my front teeth hurt actually for the next 1/2 hour after drinking it
  • didn't feel nauseated, but i did burp a few times, which made me taste the fluid again, which then made me feel nauseated
  • after downing the drink...i had to stay at the BCBio lab for 2 hours! Next bloodwork at 0830, and then 0930. You weren't allowed to leave the lab or do anything that would be stress inducing. you were also only allowed to drink max 2 cups of water during that 2 hour period, and it had to be at least 10 minutes after the gtt drink was given
  • I got 3 pokes...and they hurt!
  • if the test results are high...i have to go back for another gtt test...a THREE HOUR TEST!!..and that one will definitely tell me if I have gestational diabetes
please be normal! ugh!

why is it bad to have gestational diabetes?
  • babies can get too big- harder birth, riskier birth
  • trauma to mom and baby because of big babies
  • low blood sugars for baby once born as they no longer have the placenta to feed off from
  • potential for  baby to have long term obesity and glucose intolerance
  • higher risk of pre-eclampsia for mom
  • high blood sugars and low blood sugars are bad for mom and babe in general


  1. You are allowed to have a small amount of water before the test. As a matter of fact it is probably best for you to do so. Less difficulty in blood collection, and less irritability make the whole experience a tiny bit better under the circumstances.

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