Wednesday, October 26, 2011

27week Midwife Appt

Addendum post m/w appointment!

  • weight 77.4kg (i'm now pushing 170.28lbs!).
Guess how much weight I gained in a month? approx 1.5lbs! LOL! I think something is wrong with their scale

  • blood pressure 102/70
  • hemoglobin 126 ...i may have to take another hgb check with next appt as they don't want me to be anemic during this last trimester. apparently, ive increased my blood volume by 50%! hence the veiny boobs.
  • baby heart rate 158bpm (i think i was having a braxton-hick contraction at that time as my belly was kind of cramping up)
  • fundus measuring 28cm (on target with how many weeks I am +/- 1cm)
  • urine dipstick is all good (yellow/yellow)
  • baby's bum is on my right side, head down, back still against my abdomen
  • signed up for the 3hour breast feeding class for december 9th
  • i am officially in the 3rd trimester
what else did she talk about?
  • Newborn procedures I should think about ie. eye oinment, vitamin K ...i thought this was routine?
  • she talked about me starting to measure kick counts once the 28th week starts and doing this essentially daily. I should have at least 6 counts within a 2 hour period, need to measure just once a day, and that I should drink something sugary prior to counting to jolt the baby. once ive reached the minimum 6 kicks for the day, i'm good and done and that not to obsess about it.  if i dont feel those kicks within the 2 hour period, I should start paging them
  • she also gave me a questionnaire/screening tool i need to fill out between the 28-32th week of pregnancy. it's about post-partum depression and my likelihood of getting it. it's called the "edinburgh postnatal depression scale (EPDS).  to fill it out, I should look at the entire week rather than how i was feeling on that day. Interesting!
  • talked about a Newborn Screening test that I was/am super unfamiliar with. It involves 4 pokes on the heel. it screens for disorders that may not  be apparent at birth, yet this test is optional. I wonder why? I need to do some homework on this she said
  • she also talked about the 3rd stage of labor and gave me two options to think about. OXYTOCIN use vs. "physiology."  again, ive done zero homework on this but what I got out of it was that oxytocin may cause severe cramping and the physiology option was maybe less cramping but more chance of a hemmorhage. um ok.
  • my appointments are now every 3 weeks until January when they become every week!
Addendum from a maternity nurse friend:
"You should totally get the oxytocin Mitzi. PPH is a cause of maternal morbidity around the world. There are no side effects from taking it, unlike the side effects of having a post partum hemorhage. It is a standard practice of 'good practice'. You won't even notice getting the poke. We give it as the shoulder comes out. Are you worried about getting the oxytocin? I'd much rather give someone an IM than deal with a PPH and all the craziness that comes from that. Happens in minutes too.

As for the newborn screen, ALL babies in BC get this done. If you refuse to get it done, you have to sign a consent for refusal. It used to be called the PKU test but now it tests for way more metabolic disorders of your newborn. It is a heel poke test done at the 24 hour mark.

It is super important for the early diagnosis of potentially fatal conditions. You can breastfeed and do skin to skin while your baby gets the heel poke if you are worried about the baby's discomfort. Much less discomfort in a tiny heel poke than the potential of not picking up a treatable condition. Know what I mean? I think there is information on the on line tour?? We give you an info sheet in the hospital telling you about ALL the disorders it tests for. It is pretty amazing the amount of tests that have been added over the years...all tested from dried blood spots. Amazing."

Well, that basically solved and answered any questions I have! Thanks Andrea!

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