Thursday, September 22, 2011


(warning: random food rambling as i'm home alone sick and nothing else to do)

So, who loves SUBWAY? I do! I do! This isn't some sort of of pregnancy craving or anything, I just really want to pay homage to one of the only foods in my life that for all sense and purposes satisfies every taste bud I have!

Do you know what you're getting at subway before you walk in or do you need to look at the menu? 

For me, it's always the same thing and it's the only thing I would ever eat there! Not sure if it sounds like some sort of oxymoron, but seriously, I wouldn't eat anything else from this chain restaurant but my beloved sandwich! I don't think it's a trust thing, perhaps actually it's the way they have the cold cuts or whatever meat in a parchment paper, laid out "pretty" and all they need to do is lift up the layer and plant it on the sandwich.  I guess the "how long ago was that carved from the meat?" question comes to mind, then it just sends cringe down my spine. I also don't like microwaved bacon and or chicken- and that's what they do.  If you like to eat this stuff, sorry...just my opinion!

Anyhow, I LOVE eating a veggie delite on brown bread. I wish they had an 8" option as that would give me that super full feeling...6" is good enough, footlongs are way too long, 8" would be so perfect! Who do I need to petition for this to happen? haha

"6" veggie delite on brown please!" (or whatever bread you want really)
"yes to cheese, not toasted" (what type of cheese is this anyways? i've never asked)
"ALL the vegetables" (lettuce, tomato, red onion, green peppers, pickles, cucumbers, olives, banana peppers, jalapeno)
"one THIN line of lite mayo, and then bbq sauce and sweet onion sauce"
"that'll be $3.91 please"

yep that's it. Nothing special to you, but super special and loveable to me! I even have my mom hooked on this combo! I love biting into the random jalapeno that just wakes up your taste buds!  I think this combo is healthy? never really looked into it, but I feel pretty healthy afterwards and that's what counts right? haha. I can wolf this sandwich down in less than 10 minutes it's just that good! Ever since i've had this m-f job, ive been eating this lunch almost every friday.  It's also my go-to dinner when Gene is away and i'm home alone.  I tried making this stuff at home but it just doesn't taste the same. I think it's the bread that makes the sandwich- non-crusty, soft, fresh, smells good and holds everything.

I just ate one yesterday.  Ate one today. And I want another one now!

Try it!


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