Monday, August 15, 2011

Second Midwife Appt

Second midwife appointment, the fears are settled again!
  • urine dipstick check all good (yellow)
  • BP 90/60 (a little low)
  • weight at 73kg (end of day weight, so plus/minus 1kg)
  • thyroid good
  • heart beat good
  • lungs clear and symmetrical use of muscles
  • breast exam normal
  • textbook breast changes (size, color, nipple changes) - apparently I have good breastfeeding boobs! LOL!
  • no colostrum production yet
  • pelvic/uterine exam normal (I had a clear visual of my growing lower abdomen!)
  • baby heart beat fast at 152bpm
  • urine sample req for STI's (standard) given- did you know you have to hold your urine for at least 2 hours for this?!
  • met the 2nd of 3 midwives at Bloom (like!)
  • next up - detailed u/s Aug 29, next midwife appt Sept 19


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