Monday, August 29, 2011

The Results Are In!

It's HUMAN!!

the side profile

frontal alien


Alright, had my detailed ultrasound today.  Told to go to the u/s place at 845am for a 9am appt, the tech took us in at 10am! WTF?!!! Even though I wasn't foolish enough to fill my bladder to the max, I needed to void ASAP!

The detailed ultrasound took approx 1 hour, the tech said I had an anterior placenta- which means that the placenta is in the front of my uterus.  This can result in me not feeling the baby as early as others.  Also, as babies often face the placenta- I possibly have a posterior baby postion - which means that the baby is facing my abdomen rather than facing my back (optimal).  However, the tech kept saying "baby is facing my spine" which DOESNT make sense as that would be ideal position to see what he needs to see. Maybe he meant, "baby is against your spine." ?!  Or maybe it was just a compounded problem of anterior placenta with baby facing spine?!  HUH?! I really need a second opinion, thanks professional ultrasound tech!!

So I got a kink in my neck as the u/s guy didn't exactly face the monitor so that I can see in an optimal position. But I saw stuff, like the heart flickering, the scanning and measuring of the brain and femur.  Saw two hands, two feet, a real BABY! He had to dig in hard press quite firmly on my left side, again because of the positioning.  I even had to lie on my right side, where then he pressed harder on my left side just to get pictures of the baby's profile.  Again, because of the baby's position, and the fact that the baby wasn't turning, he had a "hard time getting a good picture of the heart and profile."  Perhaps i'm privy to another ultrasound?!  PLEASE oh PLEASE! haha!

At the end of the ultrasound, he said, "I think you're having a boy." "80%." i'm like "Can I see?" and he's like, "we're not allowed to print it out."
Um ok.  I want to see on the screen how you came to that conclusion!
Why I didn't vocalize that I don't know! (Maybe because i've been at the u/s dept. for almost 2.5 hours that I was sick of the place?)
Maybe he could've showed me when he saw the little weiner!  Now I totally am second guessing his expertise!  However, I am told that girl parts are harder to figure out as boy parts are pretty obvious. hmmm...
Gene seems to think he saw it all...YEAH, Right...i really believe you Gene!

So I can't say i'm super excited as i'm drawing an inconclusive on the gender! I really need to see things to believe it!! However, saying this makes it seem like i'm feeling some sort of gender disappointment- which I definitely am not.  I just need to see the little penis! LOL!  i'm contemplating on paying for a gender u/s scan at that 3d ultrasound place.  It's like $50 lousy dollars...but $50 lousy dollars I can use to buy something fabulous for the child.  Hmmmmm! I'm going to see if I can get a third ultrasound just because of that whole positioning issue. 

Going to stick to Green items until Jan 2012!

Damn midwife appt isn't until Sept 23rd! UGH!

p.s. it may seem like i'm fixated on gender, but the detailed ultrasound is really to measure the baby's progression which can show a lot of abnormalities.  of coure the radiologist has to read it still...and i don't know whether someone will call me or if I should go with the "no news is good news" philosophy.

Heart rate 145bpm!  And according to Baby bpm, on Aug 29 18W 6D ..w/ a heart beat of 145bpm's a boy! haha

Aug 31st addendum: According to this person I spoke to, the tech was right in having said it was "hard to get a picture of the heart and profile because the baby is facing your spine." If you picture it, the baby's back is against my abdomen, and since the u/s is on my abdomen, the baby's back is in the way! Can't get good pics when the back is facing you.  AHA!


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