Thursday, August 11, 2011

Oh, those Goals I had!

During my pre-pregnancy days, I definitely had some major ideas as to what type of pregnant person I would be.  Of course never having been pregnant, or even having an idea as to what it would do to me, I now know I was living in some sort of ideal world because none of these ideas are really reality now! LOL!

1) I will continue to run, and if my knee acts up, do 6 quick paced laps around the track field at least 3 times a week. If the weather sucks, then use the treadmill.
So I definitely haven't been running, and my knee isn't bothering me.  I mean it clicks every now and then, but i'm not in any form of discomfort. Have I been doing any walks around the track field? NOPE! I also have neglected the treadmill!

2) I will walk every day after work home, rain or shine. But it's ok to skip this walk home if i'm carrying heavy groceries.
Um yeah, I do walk from Burrard to work, and work to Burrard. But as for walking home, I do it once in a while, but with some inner whining before I start.  I do feel great though once I make it home and beat the bus, but i've been choosing to bus home. Boooooo!

3) I will eat tonnes of fruits and veggies, maybe even splurge on organic fruits. If I can't eat fruits, I will have a smoothie everyday.
Yeah i've been drinking the smoothies about 3x a week? At first it was making me gag because my stomach couldn't handle dinner and smoothies. Prior to this M-F job, I was drinking smoothies for breakfast, but obviously I can't, so this healthy choice has sadly been side tracked on the menu. As for eating fruits and veggies,'s in the food, but i'm not snacking on it. Organic fruits? Definitely haven't shopped for that.

4) I'm going to join yoga now that I have every evening off
After I get off work, I just want to go home.  I'm pretty tired from waking up early, not from work as there's nothing tiring about that job. I go home, lie down, wait for din, check my emails and FB, watch some TV and totally veg out! LOL

5) I'm going to refrain from all the bad foods for pregnant women and cut down on the chips!
Ok so i've eaten sushi (but in great moderation), had some deli meats, had sips of pop when someone i'm with has pop available.  I've definitely cut down on chips, but still eating chips. I have though stopped the aspertame business even though i'm totally not convinced that it's bad for you- so no gum, and no diet pop which I would love to down right about now. If I had pop, it's all regular pop.

6) Read through my old maternity nursing text book, Baby's best Chance, Birth Partner handbook and the Ina May book for Natural Birth.
My nursing textbook I cracked open a couple of times, but am totally bored by it. I skimmed through Baby's Best Chance, got bored of Birth partner, and still haven't bought the Ina May book! LOL! I need a little boost/pick me up.

This is all I can think of right now. I'm quite satisfied and don't really feel guilty about not doing these goals. Since i'm generally asymptomatic, I do attribute some of these non-accomplishments to pure LAZINESS and also my need for routine (ie. when I get home, I do the same thing at similar times daily).  I'm just going to put my hands against my sides, flip my palms to face up, and say WHATEVER!

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