Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I can't stand IT!

I have reached my lifetime maximum with this word, "CHEERS!"

cheers [tʃɪəz]
sentence substitute Informal chiefly Brit
1. a drinking toast
2. goodbye! cheerio!
3. thanks!

In the last few months to a year, this word "CHEERS" has somehow exploded into my little world.  It's in my everyday interactions and in my emails!  In fact, it appears to have even replaced the gracious "thank you" or "goodbye!"  WTF?! Who started this?  It's not even cool or meaningful! 

"Where is the 99 b-line?"
"Across the street, over there."
"Ok, cheers!"

Fck I want to scratch my eyes out whenever I hear this word.  I honestly feel a tic or some sort of tinge of rage when people use this word!  I can definitely see the context when one is toasting or even in the context of a celebration, but in everyday talk?! Argh!! Can I bang my head against the wall now?!

Is this a cultural thing?! I definitely don't see this sheit on TV. There isn't enough Brits or Aussies here to pass on sheit phrases like that around. I do have some level of tolerance for the ones with accents- heck I quite like "cheerio" when saying "bye"- but only if you're a damn Brit or Aussie! I do have a lot more to say about this, but I feel hot and about to blitz a paragraph's worth of expletives...


I digress...

Ok, another phrase i've grown to be completely annoyed at, "JUST SAYIN'."
Is this some sort of social media trend of what? Only on twitter or facebook do I see this completely stupid ending to a phrase that is usually irrelevant, stupid, useless and or RUDE.  Is it supposed to kind of make one look less vulgar? Less rude? Less insensitive? Disregard the idiocy of the statement just made?

"Hey Lisa, you're lookin' kinda pudgy, just sayin'."

Go fck yourself!

Rant over!

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