Thursday, July 14, 2011

St. Paul's Hospital

Besides the fact that I work here, I really can't say enough good things about St. Paul's Hospital!  I'll be giving birth at this hospital for many reasons, some include my coworkers are a few floors up, my former coworkers are also maternity nurses and support staff, you get your own private room for labor, delivery, same room for postpartum, and the fact that I work here and totally feel comfortable with how things work, where things are, and the food available just down the street! (Kadoya Sushi- i'm talking to you).

SPH Values:

Spirituality - We nurture the God-given creativity, love and compassion that dwells within us all.

Integrity - We build our relationships on honesty, justice and fairness.

Stewardship - We share accountability for the well-being of our community.

Trust - We behave in ways that generate trust and build confidence.

Excellence - We achieve excellence through learning and continuous improvement.

Respect - We respect the diversity, dignity & interdependence of all persons

Notice the above values spell "SISTER?"  If interested and would like to read more on the mission, values, beliefs etc. of SPH, go to their website at


As for SPH's maternity ward, I remember doing a clinical on this unit way back when, in nursing school, when every female nursing student wanted to do maternity- until they actually got to do maternity LOL!  I think I was one of those people.  Who wouldn't love to play and cuddle with non-crying, cooing babies!? Little did I know that there was more to the job! 

Anyhow, SPH has a great little webpage dedicated to the maternity unit, what they do, and what they can do for you.  There is even an online video tour of the maternity unit!

Check it out! SPH Maternity


  1. I know exactly what to bring you when we come visit and meet your little one. :)


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