Tuesday, July 19, 2011

First Midwife Appointment

Had my first midwife appointment today and I now have a feeling that things are right and falling into place.  Her warmth was really what I was looking for and she had a lot of info for me, but also had time and welcomed all the questions I had for her.  I really respond well to people who laugh and smile a lot- she had awesome energy!

I got the requisition for my 2nd stage blood work and a book called the "Pregnancy Passport" that has a lot yet concise info on prenatal care and where I can chart my progress like weight, blood pressure, and appointments.  Like a little log book- why the F didn't my GP give me this? My blood pressure was stellar.  I got some info on Prenatal Genetic Screening, not to scare me but of course to educate myself and serum tests done (ie. for Down's or Trisom 18) are just a screen and not diagnostic- so the book talks about options available to me and what supports I have.  Finally, I got some paperwork on who my team of midwives will be, visit frequency, choices I have, definitions, and how to contact them.

Did you know that when the time comes (aside from being able to call them at any time I want) that I feel like i'm in labour, I can call the midwife and tell them my symptoms over the phone? And if appropriate, they'll even come to my place and check for themselves- this leading to not wasting time going to the hospital when I don't need to and thus being able to labour as much as I can in the comforts of my own home before the hospital.  I LOVE that!

I told them about my "i'm not sure if i'm still pregnant" paranoia and she was like, "let's check now."  To my great relief, they found the heart beat instantly, it was pretty fast like 160 beats per minute if not a bit higher.  YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

The only crappy thing is that this midwife I met today may not be the midwife that will help me during my labour as they work as a team with an on call schedule.  However, for all my prenatal appointments, I will meet all of them and will develop a relationship with all of them so when the birthing time comes- there will be no strangers!  AWESOME!


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