Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Business of Being Born

I've finally watched this documentary- nearly impossible to buy in Vancouver, but readily available at your local Vancouver Public Library for FREE - yes!

See a preview of the documentary:

  • pro-midwife, pro-woman's choice
  • empowering, really shows how women can take control of their experiences
  • opens the talk for options women have
  • talks about women and experience centered births (holistic approach)
  • gives an idea of the "cascade of interventions" - one can lead to another
  • gives an biased idea on the ever present argument of maternal autonomy vs. doctor-friendly care
  • very moving and real - not like the baby shows you see on TV
  • overall good movie - mind you it's targeted for the very emotional and impressionable pregnant woman
  • very anti-hospital (maybe in America, but I don't necessarily agree with it for Canada)
  • very anti-physician - they really are not the enemy
  • very pro-home birth (i'm just personally not convinced)
  • makes women who choose hospital births seem ignorant and uneducated about the decisions they make
  • doesn't really talk in depth about why people choose home births and why the hell would a husband be in the birthing water with the woman - seems disgusting to me!
  • the film talks about how women birth in other countries but doesn't explain the differences in healthcare between different countries
Borrow it from the library!


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