Sunday, July 31, 2011

"Brotha From Anotha Motha"

Random post on dopplegangers. 
Noun: An apparition or double of a living person

Every few years or so, someone in the entertainment industry resembles Gene- a "brother from another mother" you can say hahaha.  Maybe i'm just crazy, but how can you deny the resemblances?!
Husband with Mazoola.  Blue eyes, brown hair, square jaw, heavy brow, athletically gifted, good physique, "short," hair grows UP (think afro) rather than long. hahaha

Cadel Evans- looks and sounds like Gene but with an aussie accent (they both have that nasaly tone to their voice).  Cadel Evans just won the Tour de France 2011, so the elite athlete gene is exemplified in this example.  Unfortuantely, Cadel has some nuances in his facial features and expressions that really bother me (see vid below).  So i'd say this "brother" is most likely not my first choice or even type. Closest twin to Gene though hey?!


Jean-Claude Van Damme- Gene doesn't have this physique, but there's a man-boy facial resemblance between them in my opinion.  If they were all bro's, "muscles from Brussels" would definitely be the younger brother, though in real life chronological age, this is not the case.  Jean-Claude has the best body by far, again, another athlete in the "family."  Unfortunately, he's not so attractive now.  I would recommend watching Bloodsport or Kickboxer for those good-ol'-days feeling!


Richard Dean (RIP)- couldn't find a picture that didn't have squinting eyes, but this guy really looked like Gene and even had his teeth gap! LOL! However, his flashy personality is definitely not my type, kind of annoying actually, but whatever gets you noticed in the business I guess? This "bro" was also an athelete, but had the artistic gene (he was a photographer for the show Cover Shot).  Too bad he's dead, Rest in Peace.


I wonder how many more lookalikes are hiding out there in the world?!

I want a lookalike!!


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