Friday, July 15, 2011

Boy or Girl?

Went to dinner today and basically mom, dad, husband are all in aggreance that they would like this kid to be a boy.  Honestly, I wanted to tell them to go fck themselves (in a nice way though).  They seem to think that I would have something to do with the gender, when really, again, i'd like to tell them to go fck themselves and say the gender of the child was decided by the strongest sperm not the egg! XX vs XY! 

Is that something you should really tell someone?  What if it's a girl? 

On a positive note though, I didn't get that "asian's prefer boys" bullsht impression- which is GOOD!  I don't even think gender is a big thing in Filipino culture?  Also, I didn't get that feeling that they would have some sort of gender disappointment or like disown me if this was a girl.  I think just the fact that my parents never had a boy as a child, and husband; being a male oaf as he is (sorry to generalize), wants someone to connect with of the same gender.   I get it, I get it.  I feel and am sure that whatever gender this kid is, they'll love it forever and ever and ever and ever!! 

However, if this keeps up, you'll definitely be hearing/reading about it!  

I personally and honestly don't care if it's a boy or girl- but a girl would be nice as things are prettier, looks better, and girls, from personal experience, are just something I know how to deal with.  Is it safe to say that i'd also like a girl so she'll become a nurse one day? hehe! (uh yeah let's not get into that.)  So, I like to tell family and friends that I PREFER a girl, not necessarily WANT girl.  If it's a boy great, a girl, great, but I definitely choose HEALTHY.


What is on your mind?


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