Saturday, July 16, 2011

Anything in There?

Aside from having atypical pregnancy symptoms, i'm at a stage of limbo when i'm wondering if I still am pregnant.  Last GP checkup- no issues, blood work done- no one's called me to tell me if there was anything wrong, no protruding belly yet, and my next GP appt won't be until August 22nd.  That means, I have to wait many more weeks for another checkup, another ultrasound req, another set of bloodwork, and another opportunity to hear the fetal heart rate!

This pregnancy is going by so slow! Ugh!

As for the general public, again, i'm at a stage when I don't even look pregnant and even if I did, because I haven't super publicized it yet, people with tact won't be asking in fear of the ever insulting "how many months are you? - i'm not pregnant, just gaining weight" risk factor. LOL!  I'm pretty close to making some sort of appt with someone just for a reassessment...but...i'm trying to not stress myself about it.  Seriously, i'm sounding paranoid and crazy. 
  • No bleeding. 
  • Some twinging. 
  • No cramping.
  • No spotting. 
  • STOP reading those forum posts of about women of the same gestation (12 1/2 weeks) "leaving" the group because they found out their baby's heart stop beating at 8 weeks and now need a D&C
  • stay positive!!
This is the plan!  


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