Thursday, July 7, 2011

201 days to go! We're now a FETUS!

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Well, our little blob is now called a fetus!  Judging from the pictures, I like to call it Alien! hahaha.  What's happened this week?
  • on vacation this week, the larger part of my meals have now been during the day and I haven't been exposed to many nasty smells so I can only remember once or twice actually this week when i've gagged/wretched!  And you know I solely blame husband for those incidents because he kept talking about people eating HOOFS in their stew and PIG EAR sandwiches (a la Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives)!  LOL!
  • moderate skin break out this week, but i've been trying to get that under control with diet and my trusty facial mask
  • i'm pretty certain i've lost definition in my abdomen, looks bloated
  • ive been contemplating my all bran buds intake as some form of laxative "abuse." so i've limited my intake to every other day so my bowels can actually get assistance one day, and then work on their own another day
  • I went for my second GP appointment yesterday.  Found out I had to weigh myself and take a urine test every time I see her (monthly).  I honestly think she didn't weight me correctly as it appears I haven't gained any weight, but absolutely feel i've gained weight.   She did a breast exam, asked history questions and got an idea of what our home/occupation life was like.  Then a lung auscultation, and (much to my disappointment) failed to find a fetal heart rate with her doppler (but she did say it was hard to find for people under 12 weeks- on a side note, i'm also trying not to freak out).  After that, I reinforced my desire to have an OBGYN (not due to her incompetencies)
  • Also got the reqs for baseline chemistry, HIV, Hep C, genetic disease risk and more urine tests which I did at LifeLabs today.  Went there at 8:30am and it was already busy!
  • i've had lots of twinging in my lower abdominal area this week- perhaps a growing fundus?!
  • i'm feeling mildly dyspneic going up stairs. I can hear and feel myself short of breath..makes me feel like i'm out of shape, but this is all normal pregnancy symptoms
  • i'm pretty much fatigued after 5pm.  My head wants to go for a walk and do outdoor activities, my body just wants to sleep!  However, i've been waking up pretty early too, around 7:30-8:30am on holiday schedule!  Ugh!
  • bought a book called "The Birth Partner Handbook" by Jones, which i'll read and sum up for meathead
  • Ate pretty sheity this week.  Ate out a lot, and plenty of food! (I am on vacation!)
  • Had my first ever heartburn moment- it literally was just a moment.
  • Found out my parents have already told the world about this pregnancy!  Which i'm mildly upset about!  I remember calling them "big mouths" earlier this week.  They seem to not understand that i'd like to wait until i'm in the clear- too late for that obviously!
  • Finally, I don't know if it's all in my head or what, but i'm pretty hungry every 3-4 hours.  Not ravenous, but I can definitely feel hunger pains.  I slipped up this week and ate 3 pieces of yam tempura roll, and 1 piece of BC Roll (and it wasn't even from Kadoya! ugh!) , and about 1" of a bbq'd hot dog.  I feel/felt mildly guilty, but it definitely satiated that flavor need.  It was SO GOOD!

(Spider Roll with Yam Tempura from Kadoya. Not what I ate, but I what I want!)

What does say is going on this week?
Your baby continues to grow and is now approximately the size of a large lime! The crown-to-rump length of your developing child is 1.75 to 2.4 inches. The weight of the fetus is approximately 8 grams at this point. The growth of your baby is phenomenal now and your baby's length will double in the next three weeks. The head is grossly out of proportion and is almost half of the baby's length.

You are almost at the end of your first trimester and while changes continue to occur quickly in your baby, they are happening at a slower rate in you. Your uterus has been growing with the fetus inside of it and is now almost big enough to fill your pelvis. Your uterus may be able to be felt in your lower abdomen, above the middle of your pubic bone. You are not able to feel the baby moving inside of you at this time. Some women think that they have felt their baby moving now, but it is either gas or a wrongly dated pregnancy. You might also be noticing changes in your hair, fingernails, or skin around this time. Some women notice an increase in hair growth and nail growth during pregnancy and others lose small amounts of hair. You are burning up calories at a faster rate than you did before you became pregnant! The amount of blood being pumped around your body will increase and you might feel warmer than usual.

This is the last week of the embryonic period. From now on, your baby will be called a fetus. Your baby's fingernails appear this week! External genitalia are beginning to show distinguishing features and the development of male or female will be complete in three weeks. The placenta's blood vessels increase to provide your baby with the nutrients and oxygen he needs for continued growth. Your baby's ears are gradually moving from the neck towards the sides of his head. Inside of your baby's abdomen, the intestines are developing. Because the intestines are so large, some of them project into the umbilical cord and they will return to the abdomen within the next week or two.

What does say about how my life is changing?

How your life's changing:

If you're like most women, you're feeling a bit more energetic now and your nausea may be starting to wane. Unfortunately, you may also be suffering from constipation (caused by hormonal changes, which can slow digestion) and heartburn (hormones again, relaxing the valve between your stomach and esophagus). Just remember, all this discomfort is for a good cause.  Don't worry if nausea has made it impossible for you to eat a wide variety of healthy foods or if you haven't put on much weight yet (most women gain just 2 to 5 pounds during the first trimester). Your appetite will likely return soon, and you'll start to gain about a pound a week.


  1. So exciting! :) Hello fetus! Can't believe time is going by so fast.

    What is a lung auscultation? What does it involve?

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