Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Winter. Babies! Predictions!

Well it's been a long long winter!  What is it now, June 1st?  We're still wearing fleece sweaters, fleece jackets, sometimes gloves, and bottom line- you can't leave the house without a jacket on!  UGH!  Also we haven't seen the sun yet, well ok we had a 4 day stint, but definitely not a nice stretch- something you would expect to see in the spring.  Did I mention some of the mountains are still open for SKIING?  Seasonal affective disorder is just around the corner!

On a more comical and lighter note, it appears this long winded winter has produced something positive.  3 Pregnancies in total amongst my nursing friends! Woo hoo!

I used the Chinese Gender Predictor to predict whether my friends are having a boy or girl.  That link can be found HERE

Janine --- due October 18, 2011 --- predicting a GIRL!
Aurora -- due December 20, 2011 - predicting a GIRL!
Me ------- due Jan 24, 2012 --------- predicting a GIRL!

hahaha we'll see how these turn out!

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