Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Temp Job

I was approched by a bunch of administrators a couple of days ago in hopes that I would accept a new temporary job as a "clinical nurse educator."  I was told that I was the "first person they thought of," "the best one for the job," that this was "up my alley," the commitment is only "short term," and this is an amazing "opportunity that we want you to take." 

What is my role you ask?  I'm not really sure myself, but this is what the job description says:

  1. coaches staff in clinical nursing skills and behaviors by role modeling, and through individual and group teaching
  2. assesses, plans, implements, and evaluates educational programs within the clinical area in collaboration with operations leader and nursing staff
  3. reviews policies, procedures, and materials and makes recommendations for changes
  4. promotes use of research findings into practice
  5. participates in research activities
  6. (ok this is not all of it, but the other stuff was boring)

I lost sleep over this as for those that know me, there are a couple of things in my life that I really prefer to not change:
  • 5 days OFF
  • the pay I get (it should only go up, not down, of course!)

This puts a damper on my new fitness regime as I absolutely hate big crowds in limited spaces (ie. at a pool).  This new job will be a Mon to Fri job (which i've never had in my life), from 0730-1530.  I'm not sure if my pay will be less than what it is now, but I don't know if it's legal for them to make me work for less.  Something i'll have to figure out. 

I definitely see this as a compliment!  I didn't even have to apply, I was just appointed the role!  It is only for 3 to 5 months, but I already see this as super beneficial for the baby as I don't need to be exposed to all the sick people while pregs, nor do I have to walk around for 12 hours and do a bunch of physical labour.  It's a semi-desk job!  I start June 14!  Yowza!!


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