Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day!!

Dad in grade 6

June 19th is a day (of which should be everyday) that you say thanks to your father!  I personally think that though my dad isn't perfect, he certainly is the best dad that I could've ever had or wished for! 

The story goes when we were in Philippines, my dad won a lottery of some sort and that's how they afforded us to go to Canada.  My dad came here first for 3 months just to test out the waters, and then ok'd for us to come over.  Through the many years here in Canada, he's worked his arse off at a job that he's over-educated for- but nonetheless a respectful, stable, secure job that's he's had for 20+ years.   Comicly, my memories of my dad as a young child involve math!  Statements such as "cris-cross, cris-cross" and "memorize the multiplication table" must be highlighted! LOL!  As an adult, my dad is the fixer-upper all families which they had.  My dad can fix and problem solve so much stuff in a practical economical way- unlike the HGTV fixes you see that are insanely fastforwarded and way overbudget.  Did you know my dad installed a patio door by teaching himself how using youtube videos?!  I can't even teach myself how to apply liquid eyeliner after countless videos! LOL!

In all, my dad has the right amount of balance between the stern figure, the disciplinarian, and the funny man.  Great features, aside from his unending commitment to his family, that really make quality father figures in our society.   My dad is an amazing guy, and I feel very blessed to have him in our lives!


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