Monday, June 13, 2011

Connection Made!

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Click the picture to Enlarge! The dark space above is my full bladder!

Went for my first ultrasound today!  How exciting!  The only non-exciting part was going there on a full bladder and having the tech use moderate pressure on my about-to-burst bladder to visualize the uterus.   "Air interferes with sound waves, so if your bladder is distended, the air-filled bowel is pushed out of the way by the bladder and an image of the uterus and fetus/embryo is obtained."  Why does it say "....Mitzi R?"  My middle name starts with A.  (i'm trying to let this go.) Lucky for me, things were easily visualized and I didn't need a transvaginal ultrasound to see any of this stuff!

The tech said that the little "peanut" was at an appropriate size.  About the shape of a cashew (as illustrated) and had a raging normal heart beat of 170bpm.  I didn't hear the heart beat, but husband/tech/I saw the heart beat- or at least a flickering thing in the center of the blob!  Because the kid is measuring at par, my EDD (estimated due date) remains at Jan 24, 2012.  It was very surreal, and super cool!  Damn, maybe I should actually start accepting that all of this is FOR REAL!!!

The tech gave me a printer print out of the ultransound- I was mildly disappointed as I always thought it was a photo-paper image like you see in the movies!  hahaha whatever!  Of course, it has now been scanned and digitalized, moreover, a copy has been made for my parents.  Perhaps I should notify them this Sunday for Father's Day.

I took a picture of the ultrasound on my phone and have used it as a wallpaper/background on my homescreen.  It REALLY helps in the realizing factor.   As addicted  connected I am to my phone, everytime I check for a random whatever, seeing the homepage is a constant reminder that something is growing inside and really strengthening this mom-fetal connection!  I even find myself just staring at the picture sometimes, and then feeling a sense of giddiness or elation.  Sometimes I even catch my self just giggling to myself, or just grinning if not smiling wide from ear to ear.  Creepy yet Cute!

On a side note, I got off work Saturday morning.  The next shift included 3 pregnant women (not including myself), in one unit, of various stages ranging from 11 weeks to 24 weeks!  Now I know of 6 women total pregnant at work.  Something is definitely in the water! haha


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