Friday, May 20, 2011

Pregnancy and Fitness

Excerpt from What to Expect When You're Expecting...
The Benefits of Exercise

What's in it for baby? Plenty. Researchers theorize that changes in heart rate and oxygen levels in exercising moms-to-be stimulate their babies. Babies are also stimulated by the sounds and vibrations they experience in the womb during workouts. Exercise regularly during pregnancy, and your baby might end up being:

* More fit. Babies of moms who exercise during pregnancy are born at healthier weights, are better able to weather labor and delivery (they're less stressed by it), and recover from the stresses of birth more quickly.

* Smarter. Believe it or not, research shows that babies of moms who exercise throughout pregnancy score higher, on average, on general intelligence tests by age 5 (meaning that your workout may boost both your muscle power and baby's brain power!).

* Easier. Babies of pregnant exercisers tend to sleep through the night sooner, are less prone to colic, and are better able to soothe themselves.
In hindsight, I was probably about to pass out last Bikram's session because of the big fat positive (BFP)!  My body was probably working extra hard just to maintain a body temp for two, hence I was feeling so sleepy and tired during the first half.  Oh well, now I know!  I've read there are some major no-no's with overheating the baby, so at this time, i've indefinitely stopped Bikram's.
Now onto better and brighter things; with a swim cap and goggles in tow, i've decided to take up lap swimming and aquafit at the Renfrew Community Center.  Should be fun and definitely not super strenuous on the body- but just enough.  Later on, i'll consider some prenatal yoga as i've heard some wonderful things about the inclusion of baby bonding while in-utero,  something I definitely need as i'm admitting to a state of shock and disconnect.   As well, i've decided to set up some sort of strength training regime at home with some weights as I need to strengthen my upper back for all that baby carrying I need to do!
20 pushups
2 x 20 arm curls
2 x 20 behind arm curls
Lifting and whatever related at work!
Yay swimming pools!!! 
Eww to slimy pool and shower floors!!


  1. Invest in a pair of cheap, waterproof slippers for the pool!

    Congrats again! I'm soooooo happy and still can't believe it! Squeal! :)


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