Monday, May 9, 2011

Nursing Week May 9 - 15!

It's Nursing Week this week from May 9-15th!  I love this picture of the nurses trying to create some inner peace and balance, as this circle of "chaos" surrounds her (or him)!

Firstly, I enjoy what I do immensely even though it's a constant venting session at work and at home.  The venting really roots to the ratio between workload and support as people are truly sicker these days than they have been before.  There is so much to do in a 12 hour shift than you just have to try to fit thinking, processing, and filing all this information on top of your tasks of the day.  Fortunately, it's a constant give back to the community and we save and change lives on a direct pesonal basis, how can you not feel good about yourself?

Secondly, I find it frustrating that the public really doesn't know what nurses do unless they've been hospitalized themselves or have had direct caregiver type of interaction with nurses.  It's really a mix of ignorance of the public and lack of scope definition and advertisement by leading nursing health authorities.  Everyone seems to know what doctors do, why not nurses?  Even my parents think I just dispense medications all day long!  I've somewhat given up on explaining my scope of practice in the long winded form, and just leave it to one word type of answers.  You always know the keen ones when they ask you certain type of questions that delve deeper than the superficial aspect of our practice.  Also, it's super annoying that some people think we get "paid high," when really we don't get enough for the shit we have to deal with LITERALLY lol!

Thirdly, I really commend the BC Nurses Union for using social media as a way to put it out there that OUR NURSES MATTER.  I highly recommend "Liking" them on Facebook to show support, but also watching the videos presented by the nurses on the Our Nurses Matter page, they're awesome, and those nurses come from a vast number of sites (acute, community, long term care etc) and insights.  You do not need to be a facebook member to watch these videos or read the homepage.

Our Nurses Matter on Facebook--> HERE
Our Nurses Matter Videos --> HERE

If you'd like to become a registered nurse (RN), here are some useful links:


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