Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Mom in green, circa 1989

Happy Mother's Day (May 8th) to all you mom's out there in the world!  I especially would like to honor my own mom who's done more than above and beyond to support and raise her family! 

It started from the times I can remember when my parents had/chose to leave the Philippines to give their kids a better life.  This, in new immigrant terms, means leaving your own family, belongings, comfort zones to move to a country you barely knew about, as God only knows there was no such thing as internet and yahoo forums in 1988!  Then, while in Canada, trying of course to cope with solely husband and kids in tow, trying to gain employment and create a meaningful life for yourself and your family with the bigger future picture in mind.  Throughout the years, and even now, my mom still works 8-4, and then comes home and makes dinner for dad and whomever else is living at their house.  To boot, she's already preparing foods and ideas for the next meal to come, all while trying to rest and get enough sleep to have it all happen the next day- and she is still HAPPY and LOVING it (and no doubt tired)!  Damn! I'm overwhelmed just typing this out!  LOL!  So many words can't describe what she does, but i'm glad and proud to say that she's my mom and she's not only the best Filipino cook in the world, she, in my opinion is the best mom in the world.



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