Wednesday, May 25, 2011

First GP Appt

Well today I had my first GP appt since the BFP, and I got a mix of what I wanted and what I didn't want out of the appointment.

The ToDo List
  • get Rx for compression stockings
  • get a referal for Dr. Mitenko (OB/Gyn)
  • get an ultrasound req
  • confirm pregnancy with a urine test
  • get a req for bloodwork
I was only able to get the compression stockings and ultrasound req from her.  The appt was less than satisfactory.  At 5 weeks, i'm still approaching the topic cautiously and not getting overly too excited, but deep down I really want this!  This is basically how the first appointment unfolded:

  • gave my hx
  • ask about my menstrual period trend
  • she gave me a req for a dating ultrasound (june 13)
  • I asked for compression stockings (she gave me the Rx)
  • I said I wanted a referral for an OB --- she said for me to "think about it" (WTF?!)
  • told her I wanted to deliver at SPH, she replied "I deliver at SPH," and in my head I was like "get a clue, I want a freakin OB!"
  • she took my blood pressure (120/80)
  • asked me to make another appt in a month
  • done
Anti-climatic in my opinion.  I wanted to pee on a stick, get blood work, get weighed etc etc.  but whatever!


What is on your mind?


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