Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Royal Wedding!

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The royal wedding is coming up in a few days (April 29), and despite the media FRENZY (like as in every channel including CBC), i'm actually personally excited to watch this happen on tv.  For all those Pacific Time folks, it'll be televised around 2:30am on April 29th- and if you miss it, there won't be a channel on TV hours later that'll NOT showcase their nuptuals.

Why do I care anyways?  Not really sure, maybe because Prince Wills has always been a figure of my growing up.  We're kind of the same age.  I thought for a moment he was hot.  He came to Vancouver back in the 90's, and I distinctly remember my neighbor (who was OBSESSED with him) skipping school to see him, and then solely showing up on the cover of the Province newspaper holding a picture of him in a teeniebopper type of cry look.  I can't remember if she got in trouble for that though LOL!

Also, I really do like Kate Middleton.  Something about her makes her very appealing, very dignified and graceful in nature.  She dresses FABULOUSLY, she's beautiful, young, and modern.  She appears smart, she doesn't open her mouth (at all even! or is that allowed?!) and say stupid things, and nothing in the tabloid has anything negative about her from what i've noticed.  Her commoner family "scored" big time!  I wonder how her family feels?  It must change the lives of all of them in their own ways, ie. privacy, relationship, security etc.

Anyhow, here's a video of them.  For some reason I find it odd to hear their voice?  Actually it's more Prince Wills' deep, it just doesn't match his look LOL.

Good luck to these two anyways.  They look good together!


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