Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding - Done!

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Well woke up at 2:45am to watch the wedding.  Totally worth it in my opinion! Love the dress she chose and her sisters' dress, very reminiscent of Grace Kelly's dress below.  Definitely very fitting for the occasion, with words such as "appropriate, beautiful, classic, dignified" coming to mind.  I think the volume control of the dress should also be celebrated LOL!
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I also liked that fact that the actual ceremony part got to the point and everything else like speeches and sermons came after.  I loved the camera angles that started at the ceiling and looked down at the people- birds eye point of view I guess it's called?  Beautiful choir and sermon.  I'm also glad that there weren't too many flowers at Westminster Abbey, BUT, wtf were those trees about?  I'd rather have flowers than trees inside and for such an occasion! LOL

Another praise i'd like to mention, the millinery work!  Love love love!  Really inspires me to get a head piece for the next wedding i'm going to, but i'm not sure where to find one here- maybe Forever21?  But some of them are so cheap looking and basically forces you to choose black or white as outfit colors. 

I wonder how/wath Kate was feeling?  Probably a mix of both nervousness and excitement, but she held it together.  I wonder if she ate before?  Watching her during the sermon, I thought she was going to kind of faint!  She's definitely lost some serious weight and her face is so gaunt (but not anorexic), time to eat a sandwich Duchess of Cambridge!

Hottest man of the night?  David Beckham!  Even when he cleans up, he still looks like he's ready for a sensual Dolce and Gabbana shoot!  I especially like the side part of his hair, just tied the look together.  However, i'm not so sure about the point of the top hat, makes his outfit so costume-like. 

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How To Do David Beckham's Side Part:


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