Monday, March 7, 2011

Week 5, WTF Moment

Today is day 8 of my period, and as expected, my period would be dying down.  In the recent days, my period had dwindled from heavy, to moderate, to dying down but not over.  Essentially, from full pads to the thin flow pads, but not yet panty liner stage.

Sadly, I was woken up this morning by a) a full bladder, b) a restless partner, and c) "tingling" sensation down there.  I thought I could let it go as a WTF moment, but the bladder was too full and I was conscious enough of it that I couldn't ignore it any further.  On my way to the bathroom, I felt more tingling, and lo and behold, much to my surprise- lets just say - DAY 1 TYPE OF FLOW!  WTF!  I was seriously shocked, pissed, disappointed, and had to think enough that I couldn't get myself back to sleep once I was done freshening up.

 I thought of what could've caused such ANNOYING irregularities?  The daytime flow was weak! 
  • Dinner from last night? (White Spot pulled pork sandwich)
  • That egg mcmuffin I ate? (filler and hormones in that "sandwich?")
  • Just being off the pill in general (my first cycle)
  • Stress (bad work week)
  • Fatigue (still have not recovered from my work set)

Idiopathic things I definitely can't explain, and nor can the internet!  Normal is what's normal for each individual.  I dare not waste more than 5 minutes researching patterns of irregularity, especially when it comes to the female body.  So, I just took the day in stride and treated myself to what would be a Day 1 type of day. 

Fortunately/unfortunately the flow of the day was like small to scant.  I wonder what type of hormones was circulating in my body at night to produce such "horrifying" day 8 results.  Started the day off saying WTF, ending the night off with a WTF. 
I wonder what tomorrow will bring?  Hope next cycle is more predictable, this blasted period better not ruin my upcoming vacation!

Que sera, sera...


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