Saturday, March 5, 2011

Week 4, no Birth Control, In Review

Feb 28 ----> Awesome news, I got my period on the day it would've arrived if I were still on the pill!

March 1 ---> Heavy ass period, like heaviest that I can remember in a long time!  Almost high school days heavy!

March 5 ----> Sheitty news, I still have my period! Definitely on the dying stages, but not enough to be pad free.  UGH!!

I've been pretty much at work this entire week.  One of the few things I remember this week though is that I really didn't handle the stressors of work too well.  I felt like I couldn't catch up on what was going on during the day and night shifts and was always behind.   However, there were contributing factors like 1) Just received a new preceptor student that had absolutely no clinical experience in the last 2 months.  and 2) the shit hit the fan essentially every shift I had this week, subjectively and objectively! Wtf?!

Ate pretty crappy this week!  As in, ate at A&W which is soooo nasty, and had a McDonald's breakfast which I like, but my stomach never feels full and more acidic than any other meal I eat --probably due to lack of dietary fibre, and abundance of filler in that egg mcmuffin meal.

Skin was alright, had minor break out (again on my chin, and again WTF?) which I even continue to dry up with my magic masque even to this day!

I want my period to be over already!! Sheesh!
If I were still on the pill, this day 6 would be like the "i'm done day."

Will monitor


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