Friday, March 18, 2011

Skin Deep: Cosmetics

I'm at somewhat of a toss when it comes to choosing cosmetic products.  The fence is always between choosing awesome cosmetics vs. so-so cosmetics.   Why not choose the awesome cosmetics you ask?  Simply because of the dreaded "Dirty Dozen" - a group of nasty, possibly health and life altering chemicals that are present in these "awesome" cosmetics!  Ok, then why not choose the so-so cosmetics?  In gist, because most cost an arm and a leg to just "try" as well, some really suck in terms of color and amount payoff so what's the point of buying them right?  Why not go au-naturel then?  Not an option hahaha

According to the David Suzuki Foundation, there are 12 notorious toxic chemicals present in our everyday cosmetics (ie. shampoo, foundations, lotions, creams etc).  These chemicals can't just be classified as "carcinogens," although that word should probably scare me off already, these not-just-rash-producing chemicals  not only can cause allergic reactions but can also affect your hormone/endocrine system, reproduction system, brain function, respiratory system! Furthermore, when you wash this stuff off, it goes down the water drains and starts affecting the wildlife! And on top of it all, not everything is regulated or has to be fully revealed to the consuming public in the jargon-filled ingredient label!  Crazy sheit hey?!

The Dirty Dozen (find a very detailed pdf description HERE)
  1. BHA and BHT
  2. Coal tar dyes: p-phenylenediamine and colours listed as "CI" followed by a five digit number
  3. DEA-related ingredients
  4. Dibutyl phthalate
  5. Formaldehyde-releasing preservatives
  6. Parabens (this sheit is everywhere!)
  7. Parfum (a.k.a. fragrance) - also everywhere
  8. Polyethyline glycol (PEG) compounds
  9. Petrolatum
  10. Siloxanes (chemicals ending with "-siloxane" or "-methicone")
  11. Sodium laureth/lauryl sulfate
  12. Triclosan

Anyone else feel itchy after reading that?  Or how about feeling cross-eyed?  Did you have a similar reaction to mine- "WTF, how the heck am I supposed to remember all of that?" LOL!  Luckily, the researchers thought of everything!

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I'm just a link lover on this blog post hey?  Anyhow, I can't say i'm a product queen, but this really opens up my eyes about a lot of issues.  From what i've read, just because it says organic DOESN'T mean it's all that clear and free from some of these chemicals!  I'm going to try use up what I have instead of flushing it down the drain(!!), and really start up on a journey into becoming a non-obsessed-psychopath cosmetic label reader (omg, food label reader is ANOTHER story that I might just attempt to post on one day).

 I really don't know if I can give up everything considering everything in this world seems to cause cancer anyways (even breathing for goodness sakes) but I will definitely reduce my exposure to these carcinogens!  Our SKIN is the largest organ in our body!  And you know what? It's very POROUS! 


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