Monday, March 14, 2011


In the last couple of weeks, a quaint little cat has been meowing like crazy outside of our balcony (we live on the 3rd floor, this cat was meowing at us from the ground/garden level).  We thought it was just some stray or feral cat at first, but it kept meowing and calling for us!  Outside, it would run passed my husband and bump him in the leg- talk about social feline!  My husband eventually started feeding it some of the left over crunchies from our dearly departed cat daughter, probably some of the best meals its had in recent history.

From the way it stayed in the area, as in, below our balcony and hiding in the bushes, we were really suspicious of its lack of street smart skills.  I'm actually surprised that it wasn't dead (from the recent frigid weather) or eaten by a coyote!  Last Saturday, March 12, on my way home after a party, my husband picked me up and here came this cat again bumping us on the leg and then running about 6ft forward!  Adorable, friendly, and super trusting were my first impressions.  We easily coaxed it up to our apartment where we've been fostering "Blacky" aka "Cleo" for the past couple of days.

Cleo is a young, female, black cat with yellow eyes, and super duper long athletic legs.   I may be just used to Mazoola's size, a small little runt, as I would describe this cat as husky, tall, and big.  I'm pretty sure she's young, she has a beautiful black short coat, and a lovely temperment!  This cat is the type that needs a lot of affection to subdue her energy and possible shenanigans!  She absolutely hates/refuses your back facing her, when you're asleep she has to be right in the bend of your belly or on top of you.  She loves leaning on me, and rolling on her back, and loves being touched all over (unlike Mazoola who hated being disturbed when she was resting hahaha).  Honestly, i've met two cats in my life, and not only did this cat NEED to be loved, this cat love Love LOVES to be loved!  No hissing, no swatting, no growling..instead, she playfully bumped you with her body, purred like mad, squeeked in cuteness, and essentially just wanted to get to know you by your smell.  The only thing I didn't enjoy was her ability to jump from 0 to 5 feet with ease!  Seriously, she was climbing on everything, even found her up in the PEZ display area LOL!  and if you know how my house is layed out, you'd be laughing too and scratching your head! LOL everytime I think about it!

Her right ear was tattooed with "ABMT 148." Trying to read a hairy cats tattooed ear is another story!  I posted on craigslist, called the BC SPCA, and also notified Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue (VOKRA) of our new little friend as we could not keep her (well we could, but it wasn't the right timing in our lives).  I was a bit hesitant on the SPCA as I think they would eventually euthanize the cat if they got too full, and a home wasn't found, but nonetheless a respectable organization.  I really like VOKRA, a NO-KILL organization that I donate to, because they foster cats in volunteer homes until they are appropriately adopted to a loving family.  I did have a craigslist prospect who I told to come around 0900 today, but in the end didn't show up, and thus I have deemed utterly USELESS!

A VOKRA volunteer took our little friend just about 1/2 an hour ago.  They called last night, and when we told them of the prospective parent, I thought it was the end of it, but no, they called to follow up!  How great was that?  Also, I follow VOKRA on twitter, and we were able to communicate live!  Even though this cat looked like Mazoola, it was hard not to treat her like Mazoola.  I tried to maintain a strict no-kiss rule, but essentially, bonded in all other loving sorts of ways.  Honestly, I rushed to get this cat out of my house as I know just another day would mean an even HARDER separation.  In our hearts, I know Mazoola would be very proud of us!

xoxoxo to Mazoola and Cleo


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