Sunday, February 27, 2011

Week 3, No Birth Control, In Review

Week 3 has been slightly more problematic than other weeks, here's a review:

Eating: I continue to eat well and lots of fruit, an active decision- thanks Costco for the wonderful frozen fruit selection at reasonable prices!  I did buy a bag of chips this week, but that's because it was on sale and it was my favorite.  However, I was actually feeling repulsed by the chips as the week and the chips bagended, and currently have no further cravings!  Eating has been satisfactory though as we on a lazy night whim ate at the dreaded McDonalds.  I had a big mac meal, awesome fries, awesome thirst quenching-feels-so-good-fountain pop, and a less than stellar burger which I donated a patty off to dear husband.  The burgers honestly smell better than they taste, not much to my surprise.

Skin: mild to moderate breakout this week on my chin (WTF?!).  Although even on the pill I did have a breakout days prior to period time.  Definitely used a lot of my "magic mask" to dry out those suckers.  Ugh!  Maybe it's a coincidence, but this has been the first time I ate at McDonald's this year (i'm 95%) sure, so maybe that has something to do with the breakout?  Will monitor next month.

Mood:  Last sat, around the 19th, I woke up feeling good and had the stillness of the apartment all to myself.  Then at the hours when people woke up and people started calling, I felt INSTANTLY annoyed at the sound of their voices.  Don't know why.  Maybe it was just lingering dread that it was a superb saturday and while everyone had a day off, it was my Sunday technically, and the dread of work the next day really irritated me.  I did however was able to hear myself constantly and the tone of my voice and talk my way down (in my head) from reacting and acting out on my innocent family members.  Husband pissed me off quite a bit this week, probably because, well I think because he's not match for my arguing skills and resorts to using expletives to mark the occasion (not necessarily directed at me), whereas I don't and can express myself through reasonable vocabulary.  Yep, that's his tactics...soooo annoying and lame.

Body: Went to yoga twice this week just to cool off from the frustrations of my days off.  Feeling fit!  Not sleeping the good 10+ hours I like when i'm off, probably getting around 7-9 hours sleep only (yeah yeah don't shoot me! haha).  My period, if I were still on the pill, is slated for around Feb 28th/March 1st.  No cramps, but I do feel that heaviness in my lower abdomen, like you know you're "full" and you just need to get rid of that old uterine lining asap! hahaa


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