Friday, February 18, 2011

Week 2, No Birth Control, In Review

Week 2 has been remarkable, again no acute issues!

Eating: I continue to eat well and lots of fruit, an active decision.  I have this new found aversion to chips though!  This is a miracle as chips were my almost every other day indulgence for as long as I can remember (and to note I was on the pill for as long as I can remember).  I had an urge to buy a day ago, so I did, and after eating a few bites, i was like "enh, i don't feel like eating anymore."  This isn't even some active decision, I actually DID NOT feel like eating chips!  My usually trigger for the salty goodness is a really hard day at work, my set starts this Sunday, I will monitor.

Skin: no breakouts, maintaining a healthy diet and same skin care.

Mood: I did buy a watch, ahem, a luxurious watch but that is IT.  I've commited to saving some money since I want some renovations done, and well i'm just sick of "stuff."  Yes, this is really me typing this! hahaa.  I have noticed that i'm thinking more clearly when I fight with the husband.  I'm able to say to myself things such as "let it go," "just ignore the idiocy," "watch your tone or you'll take the argument to a whole different level." LOL!  Also, the lingering anger doesn't stay too long, i'm able to be a bigger person and initiate the path to atonement.

Body: Went to yoga yesterday, feeling good.  I wish I hadn't googled as to when I was supposed to be ovulating (15th or 16th), or talked about what ovulating felt like with my friends as on the 15th and 16th of this month, I felt sharps aches in the right lower quadrant area of my abdomen where I picture my right ovaries are.  LOL!  I'm still not sure!   I was reading up on information regarding cervical mucous and fertility...I think that's going to be a whole new other post.  Let's just say, I haven't put the theory into practice.


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