Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Week 1, no Birth Control, in Review

Well it's been a status quo week, and this is a good thing!  My period ended February 5th/6th and i've now been 10 days birth control free!  Let's break things down in categories to sum up my experiences:

Eating: eating well, no chips or sweets cravings.  Had 2 burgers back to back but that was because I had a date as well as meet up with friends.  I find that I don't feel the need to finish my plate, when i'm full, i'm pretty full and stop.  Maintaing a high fibre breakfast with fruit smoothies, no binge urges.

Skin: no major breakouts, maintaining a healthy diet and same skin care.

Mood: some urges to shop, and by shop I want big bold things.  Otherwise, no emotional outbursts.  Sleeping just as good.  And things that my husband does that instigate a fight and annoy the shiet out of me, i'm able to set aside faster and be nice.

Body: starting weight not so pretty, but going to yoga today.  Minor spotting but just in random moments with no obvious precursor.



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