Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Love: SLEEP

                                Mazoola using hubby's shirt as a pillow

I am absolutely in love with sleep!  I consider myself quite blessed that i'm like my parents- a pillow is what separates us from long, uninterrupted, brain/mind/body rejuvinating hours and hours of sleep that leaves you feeling rested, and ready to face a new day!  

On our king sized bed (an absolute must-have!), I have 3 pillows that I NEED, one medium flat soft pillow for my head, one flat-ready-to-throw-out pillow for between my legs, and one pillow that is too fat for my head area, so I hug it at night until it's flat enough not to cause a neck kink.  I've been sleeping with three pillows for as long as I can remember, and it honestly is a contributing factor on how restfull my night is.  At work, on our night shift sleeping breaks, I often can find just one pillow, super flat, and crappy, let's just say those nights are more of a time to shut my eyes, a mere half-tank refuel for the remaining hours of my shift.

My bed time on my days off are most often between the hours of 1130pm to 10am.  Especially during the weary and dreary rainy, cold, windy days of winter (and well really spring, summer, and fall- this IS Vancouver haha).  

The day before work, I go to bed around 9pm just to get the bed warm and everything off by 9:30pm.  I really make it a life practice not to wind myself up that day/night before my work set starts as it really affects my ability to sleep.  By not "winding myself up," I really mean no sugar, pop, early dinner, no naps, no exercise, no tv show commitments, not going out after 5pm, no computer activities, and well just sitting on the couch or roaming around the house relaxing.

After my two day shifts, we have a 24 hour "day off," this is when I go to work at 7:30pm.  That night, I would've had my standard super sleep, wake up around 9am, and then go back for a nap from 2-4pm.

After my entire set, I come home around 8am from a long and winding night shift.  Often I do nap from about 10am-12pm, but depends on the weather.  My husband usually gets upset if I chose not to sleep because he knows what a roaring bitch i'll be for the day! LOL!

I'm really lucky to have a husband that understands that i'm a better person when I get my sleep.  He keeps things quiet around the house, cooks food so I don't need to after work, and prior to work.   AHHH sleep!

I wonder what my sleep will be like when I have a kid?

My friend has an 8 month old daughter who from the moment she took her home, never really had a problem with her crying all night.  In fact, if she wanted to, she could've slept all night without incident but as a new mom with all the umbrella of anxieties that come with it, she had to wake up just to check on her quiet baby.  And, it continues to be a restful night for her to this day! I could only WISH to have a child like that!


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