Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Baby Einstein

                                  I'm pretty sure it's all in DISNEY marketing, but I really love giving Baby Einstein stuff to the pregnant mom's to be out there for when i'm going to their baby showers.

"Baby"- the intention, fresh, blank slate
"Einstein"- learning, genius, studious, smart, thinking, achiever, discovery, brains, intelligence, natural

These are some of the words that come to mind, and i'm sure there was a Disney think tank out there responsible for naming this company line that would make prospective parents connect the nouns, verbs, adjectives to their product!  When I see "baby einstein" products, I just automatically think that the products are better than the one beside it---A+ for marketing! 

I've been known to always give these flashcards:

                                                            Photo Credit

The "Look at Me" cards has a mirror and then can learn words to describe themselves and emotions while learning words.
The "Language Discovery" cards, are self explanatory.
There's a "Farm Animals" one, also self explanatory.
However, in the picture, there are the "Numbers and Shapes" and "Nature" cards which I haven't seen in Vancouver...but would definitely be interested in buying for another mom I know out there.  The hunt is on! haha

I'd like to request Baby Einstein to make an alphabet set, sign language set, and cards in various languages.  What a treat!


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