Wednesday, July 13, 2016

What's In My Bag - 2 kids edition

I don't know about you, but I enjoy seeing what people are carrying in their bags. I'm just nosey like that :op

From regular purses, to luxury purses, to diaper bags; i like to see what not only fits (if I were to consider purchasing that bag) but also some ideas on what I could carry to make my trekking with two kids much easier. If it seems as though I carry a lot, it's because we're pedestrians 98% of the time; Max on bike + Mikkel stroller/carrier (walking), or Mikkel on carrier + Max on Stroller (using transit and or walking), or Mikkel on carrier + Max walking (using transit).

This was my bag BABY EDITION (1 Child)
This was my bag TODDLER EDITION (1 child)
Without further ado, here's my luggage with 2 kids!:

my purse

  1. mini purse (approx 7" length) for essentials only. I've learned to trim down a lot as a heavy bag and a kid on the carrier was just way too physically exhausting. One handed closure is a must with two kids!
  2. coin purse (from Turkey!) for candy machine quarters, rewards cards, and gift cards
  3. double sided card holder that holds essential plastics: credit card, debit card, ID card, Compass pass
  4. emergency snack for Max; PC organic fruit leathers in any flavour
  5. compact mirror, also used as a toy for either kid (buys me at least 5 minutes of time!!)
  6. key pouch that currently holds at least 6 keys. keeps keys organized and pressed down nearly flat. it also protects the inside of your purses from getting scratched up
  7. Spiderman and Star Wars bandaids for the win!
  8. fabulous lipstick, helps me face the daily challenges when i feel great
  9. emergency liners to buy me time, damn you aunt Flo!
  10. iphone 4

my diaper bag
  1. this Fjallraven Kanken bag is nearly a bottomless pit of space. to boot, once I'm done with needing a diaper bag, Max will take it over as a school backpack. The style has stood the test of time, stylish, and very comfortable
  2. best on the go wipes packaging c/o Kirkland from Costco
  3. best diaper changing station c/o SKIP HOP! useful on the ground, in public washrooms, public change rooms, on a bench, anywhere and everywhere
  4. food for the kids. squeeze pouch, rice puffs, some egg and fries for Mikkel. Cashews, apples, and a sandwich for Max if we aren't eating out
  5. love this Tommee Tippee  bib because it rolls into a compact size and the little pocket catches Mikkel's food waste
  6. phone charger; my batt life sucks
  7. toiletries: tissues, first aid kit, hand sanitizer, Tide to go, random lip stick
  8. fork and spoon set from Daiso, love this for when we're eating out and plastics are of poor quality (and some bad for the environment)
  9. S'WELL bottle that keeps drinks cold for 24 hours, hot for 12 hours. it's also the only water bottle that fits in the Kanken external pockets
  10. bubble wand (it's summer after all!)
  11. washable crayola felts for whenever they need to be occupied. Also a chewing toy for Mikkel ha!

the stroller compartments

The umbrella stroller I have has the undercarriage but I also bought the awesome J.L Childress Cups 'N Cargo Organizer for added compartments- really, one can never have enough compartments!

  1. I have this pacifier holder for Max's soothers (yes he still uses them to queue him to nap) when we have to be out during nap hours. they keep the soothers clean, child #1 gets sleep anywhere- although lately, he can't fall asleep in the stroller anymore (cuz he's too big for the allotted space but he still wants to go on)
  2. various toys for both, the favourite here is the Kazoo
  3. because it's summer, hats are essential
  4. seeds for when we feed the ducks (did you know bread is not recommended duck food?)
  5. quick grab napkins from various fast food joints because someone is always making a mess 
  6. hand sanitizer, we are transit users after all. Don't worry though, I don't overkill on these antibacterial products, I'm not afraid of germs. Also, SPF 50+ kids sunscreen for all of us. Ombrelle is the only brand I am NOT allergic to
  7. quick grab diapers for Mikkel when a sink is available and I can wash her bum instead of going through the lie down and wipes motion- she also won't stay still while supine so washing her bum as she stands is the path of least resistance
  8. in the Spring/Summer/Fall time, we often have picnics together. this old table cloth can be folded into a small size (fits under the backpack in the undercarriage) yet folds out to a relatively large space for us comfortably to sit, eat, and play around the city. we're always ready to picnic! 

Any recommendations on what I should carry?
Should stop carrying?
Hope you enjoyed
'Tis the life! 

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Four Year Old Tantrums

Have I ever said that FOUR YEARS OLD was my favourite age?
if I did, I take it back.
If I haven't, yes, it continues to NOT be.
There's truth when they say, "Fcking Fours!"

Funny stuff to lighten the air (c/o Pinterest).

and of course, to bring me back down to parenting basics, sometimes an image or an article shows up on my Facebook feed at the right time. I need a CONSTANT reminder of this! (thanks Helen!)

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Double Digits! She's 10 months old!

hair: I'm sure this girl will have a wave or curls, the hair just behind her neck is turning inwards when dry. Definitely dad's genes at work.
eyes: brown centres, grey rims
weight: Chunks of love

head: no new teeth this last month, no signs of more teeth coming in the next week. i only have great relief for this because the 8th month was beyond cray (total of 6!). please be easy on me month 10! best facial expressions and sheer excitement when we're about to wake up her brother in the morning. stoked when we arrive at the door, she's bouncing in my arms and already giggling. I usually let her see Max first, and once they make eye contact her face transforms into genuine sibling love and admiration. sounds cheesy, but no joke, she really loves her brother. I'm super glad when he's awake because it literally takes weight off of my shoulders, he can entertain her well.

cries: learned how to fake cry- looks like a cry, nose scrunched, eyes sometimes closed, mouth open, no tears, and easily reversed with me picking her up or a change up of what she's doing. she's got 4 distinct cries: 1) pain 2) fake cry 3) scared by a male stranger 4) protesting sleep or being put down on floor 5) woke up from nap cry. otherwise, straight forward.

GI: good eater and appetite. the only time I'm spoon feeding her is during part 1 of her breakfast which is 2 cubes of apple sauce. all the other meals she feeds herself. current perpetual menu options around here are mojo's from Safeway, scrambled egg yolks, any meat on our menu, mum mum's, star puffs, pizza crust, apples. i try to give her what we're eating along side something i know she loves so she fills up

Feeding: i don't feel like her nursing sessions are full feeds anymore, but instead are snacks or top ups to hold her over until it's time for her real meal. i based this on the way her latch looks and feels to me. Although they continue to be ultra comforting for her, feeds have definitely reduced in frequency. I'm feeding after breakfast, sometimes before lunch if we're out and i can't stop the crew to eat yet or have a snack handy. feed sometime just prior to sleeping. Feed for sure after 2nd nap, and for sure as part of our bed time routine. sometimes she just wants a connection feed as even a short, maybe 2 minute latch session is enough to settle any fussiness.

GU: pampers baby dry #4

skin/body: pink undertones, chunks of cuteness, sweaty after nap. slim face shape.

communication: she learned to point. lots of baby babbling. less squawking. she recognizes her name. she says 'mama mama' but not sure if it's me = mamma. she also says 'dada dada' but not directly at Gene- he does come around when she says it. she's suddenly afraid of various unknown men (especially if they have facial hair and big hair) chatting with her whether on the carrier or not...she will cry within minutes, no aversion to women strangers though even if they touch her.

muscle strength: CRAWLING! lots of downward dog. if positioned erect, can hold herself up but her drops aren't controlled so she's at risk of falling backwards. can furniture surf from one piece to me as I'm often close. wants to climb on everything and me. wakes up at night trying to stand, using me as a base, so she can see her sleeping brother on the other side.

hands: I'm pretty sure i cut her nails every 2 days. why do babies dig their nails into you?

legs: when wanting to crawl, i can see her get frustrated at either leg if they're in her way. she actually looks irritated at her leg/foot and appears to try to lift it up to get it out of the way haha. otherwise, loveable legs, my favourite parts of her

play: any type of peekaboo and surprise game. ransacking through the crayons/felts/pencil crayons box and throwing everything out all over the place. of course, anything brother is doing.

sleep: looks like she can stay up longer now. average wakeup time 620am. first nap at 1030ish for 20-30minutes. second nap at 2:15ish for 1.5-2 hours. average nap total 2 hours. night sleep routine starts 620ish, down in crib around 7pm +/- 10 minutes. this last month was all over the map at first waking, sometimes it would be at 12am, 1am, 2am and there were days at 930pm, 945pm, 10ish pm. naps in carrier, night sleep in crib until first cry then she comes to bed with us. i mixed this month up with fussing it out and just going to bed early so i don't have to hear any crying. I also bought the Homedics SoundSpa Portable White Noise Machine for the room. I like it, Max has been sleeping since 9am since i first put it on, and I don't hear the cat's morning meowing anymore. Im sure it's helping to cancel Max's noise while Mikkel is asleep, so far so good! I like the 'ocean" and "thunder" options.

how she sleeps: naps in carrier, my goal is to transition her into bed sleeping sometime this month but it's summer and I'm not going to be stuck at home, so I'm not sure how consistent it will be. at night, nurse to drowsy and then 7-12 minutes later into the crib where she continues to roll over instantly to her tummy. when she wakes up at night, at times I've been lucky to just need to hold her and pat her (vs. feed) and then put her down on her tummy to sleep. when that doesn't work, it's boob for seriously 1 minute and hold her sitting up for a little, then put her on her tummy. she seems to fuss  awake if i put her on her tummy immediately after unlatching.

as for me: got food poisoning, 4 days of loose stools...AWESOME (not). cooled off on shopping. slightly anxious about return to work. it's summer, and I feel great!

pressing questions: 

  • since she LOVES the breast, should i offer a bottle of milk so she can used to it for when I'm gone on night shift?
  • should i get her used to the crib or the bed to sleep in?
  • when will my husband step up and try some night parenting and nap parenting? (grrrr...)

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Preschool Done

Better late than never!

boy he changed a lot in one school year! lol

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Life Lately

Max: the last half hour of the night before bed, he gets to choose an activity to do with me. The activity changes each night, but cannot be repeated two nights in a row. We either color (in his Spiderman book), read as many books as he wants, or play. The play almost always involves me pretending to be a damsel in distress as he turns into a Zombie or Me as the Zombie chasing him as he squeals around the house.

Max: we HAVE to watch Michael Jackson's Thriller music video upon waking in the morning and after nap. He just gained confidence watching this video in the last couple months, whereas previously he couldn't even get passed the scene of the couple walking in the 1950's outfit. He's just obsessed with this video! It's not really an appropriate video for kids as it's quite scary. Developmentally he can blur the lines between reality and fantasy, so far though he's comforted by the night light in our room, cosleeping with Mikkel and I, playing pretend zombie, asking a million questions about zombies, and repeat viewing of the video. He doesn't like to night sleep or nap with the closet opened though and has no problem napping by himself in a dim room- doing something right?! lol

Mikkel: she decided she no longer wants to be spoon fed anything after breakfast so baby led weaning is what we've been doing lately. My friend just reminded me that i used to do this with Max (i don't remember this at all), nearly everyday she's been getting mojo's from Safeway. she LOVES them, they're 'healthy' K+, she loves to pick them up and eat eat eat!

Mikkel: again with food, i have so many frozen food cubes for the 6-8month portion phase. Since she's anti spoon, i just got some ground chicken and made mini patties/meatballs of various chicken + veg combo. I fry them and chop them up for her for lunch or dinner = insta meal all in one. As an alternative, she also gets a scrambled egg yolk almost every single day because she can pick this up and eat it, great for transport! I'm running dry on food ideas, clearly.

Me: I'm obsessed with trying to find this Chanel mini square flap on the preloved market

I'm also obsessed with finding the dupes of these Chanel slingback's in a lower block heel and much lower price!

Me: I spend my free time watching YouTube videos, SnapChat, and Instagram perusing. My current fave channels are: 
do you have any recommendations? let me know!

Life lately.


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