Tuesday, March 7, 2017

my children are growing up!! (18m and 5T)

  • sleeps on her own for 45 mins during naps, and then wakes up crying. Gene then takes her to bed and naps with her, stretching it out for another hour! impossible to co sleep with me
  • learning how to jump. so far the top of the feet are still sticking to the ground
  • she can run but still trips depending on shoes
  • size 5 diapers in baby dry
  • size 6.5-7 in shoes
  • loves shoes and tries her collection on daily
  • lives off of oatmeal, smoothies, fries, pineapples
  • pinches pinches pinches
  • new words "yeah" "yep" (and using it appropriately!) "oatmeal" "draw" "help me" (sounds like ap-me) "shoes" (and it sounds like shoes) and words
  • new jobs include  throwing her pee diaper in the garbage and feeding the cat every morning. first thing she says is "Moe Eat" (she walks with a bowl of wet food from the kitchen to Moe's feeding station!)
  • knows the concept of "hot" so she doesn't touch the heater or the oven
  • puts her finger to her mouth and says "sshhhhh" 
  • went she gets mad, she likes to scream NO and throw things on the ground
  • still able to fall asleep on the carrier
  • when you ask if she wants the breast, she goes to the fridge and gestures for her Vitamin D drops 
  • fave youtube Vids are Pentatonix count to 5 on Sesame Street and One Direction What Makes U Useful also via Sesame Street
  • obsessed with buckles and spends patient time buckling and unbuckling herself from stroller, high chair, and her helmet
  • breastfeeding strong at after breakfast, before nap, bedtime routine and 0-1x during the night
  • usual bed time at night 745pm, wakes up 1-2x a night, fed once cuz I'm too tired. usual wake up time 615am
^^ "beautiful eyes" ^^ is it just a filipino thing to get their kids to do this? haha

^^ baby wearing with my old cabbage (circa 1990!) ^^

me or Gene lookalike? 

As for Max...

  • obsessed with sharks (we own all the Jaws movies now) plus various shark pillows
  • insane amount of art work daily. did you know at age 12 the magic of imagination suddenly becomes suppressed? about 1% of kids retain the artistic creative magic that doesn't involve gore and wedding dresses as the perpetual topic of art)
  • less willing to try new flavours of food and much prefers tart flavours than sweet
  • able to write his upper case and lower case alphabet and read 3 letter words with encouragement
  • absolutely loves his sister; patient and encouraging of her learning. territorial only with his prized possessions (shark toys atm)

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Mikkel is 17 months and entering that stage...

girl has been a handful!
trying not to label her but I'm slightly mourning the easy going little bundle of flesh on the floor I came to know as I now have a girl with a budding mind and personality. oy vey, God give me strength and PATIENCE!!!

  • most frequently used word? "NO" "A-mi" aka help me
  • loves to pinch, not just once, but multiple times...if she gets a reaction from it = pinch some more, if no reaction? = pinches harder! 
  • tagalog words she uses: "ooya" aka Kuya, which means big brother. "upo" aka sit down, any time she wants help to sit somewhere (like the stroller)
  • has a shoe fetish, and wants to try on all the shoes whether it'd be Max's or ones we have in the closet for her that absolutely don't fit. she asks for "ooosh" which is shoes, but understands the words "medjas" (socks) and "sapatos" (shoes) when we're getting her ready and is asked to fetch these items
  • she can solve this puzzle on her own; as in put almost all the pieces properly in the proper spot and if not in the proper spot, right where it should be but not fitting exactly

  • obsessed with Elmo to the point of super annoying as she asks for him non stop. by him, she wants to listen to Grover sing the ABC song in the style of Saturday Night Live via Elmo ABC app. she also likes the Elmo Calls app and Feists' 1-2-3-4 is on perpetual play

  • she doesn't like No for an answer and often puts up a tantrum if we aren't able to distract her in time. her tantrums at this time involve her taking a few steps forward, sitting on the ground and protesting if we're outside. sometimes, most often at home, she takes a few steps forward, lies down on the ground, tummy down then turns over on her back protesting. God help me. 
  • down to one nap usually 130-230pm
  • night sleep 745pm to 615am with 1-2 wake ups overnight, but i only feed her once because I'm just way too lazy and tired to get up. Gene hears her and it literally STILL takes him 2 seconds to get her to stop crying, lie down, and sleep for another number of hours. WTF?! how he developed and sustain that skill I don't know
  • teething all her fangs at the same time ...which explains the behaviour a lot
  • on a good note, she falls asleep on the stroller if we're out during her nap hours!!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Maxwell 5.0

  • When he grows up, he wants to be a policeman
  • favourite toys: giant alligator/crocodile, lego, and superman umbrella. doing artwork and having me frame them
  • favorite food: hot dog, fries and gravy, strawberries, gummy candy, rice crackers, ice cream floats, froyo, pumpkin granola flax cereal, maple brown sugar oatmeal, sunny side up eggs, and fresh white bread with no butter
  • favourite tv shows: PJ Masks 
  • favourite book: Paw Patrol
  • best friend: Kensington L.
  • favourite songs: seems to be singing songs about God he learned from school
climbing all over the counters in the kitchen, opening cupboards

pretending he flies and literally breaking the springs on the couch with his body crashes

he has an insatiable appetite

im so proud of him for putting up with swimming classes even though he always has to whine about not wanting to go prior, but always so proud of himself after ever class and has so much fun

i love how he asks me to tighten the velcro on his shoes and checks for tightness by doing long line lunges

i love how he tolerates his sister pinching or scratching him and her denying him of kisses. He is also  almost always so patient with her impatience

i love how he has so much patience with me when I'm trying on clothes and shopping, "you can take all the time you want mommy." and he even suggests clothes for me, albeit outrageous at times

i love how he's obsessed with "pee" "poo" "bum hole" "fart" haha, naturally I'm teaching him the medical terms as well

i love how he asks for tickles and be picked up at the same time as his sister so I'm toting both of them around in my arms- yes for a short period as they're both heavy af

i love how when he gets home, he just strips all his clothes off except his underwear. he would live semi nude if he could

i like (maybe love) how he asks me CONSTANTLY how strong someone is, how strong an animal is, how big they are, how fast they are using figures he can visualize (Max, you're as strong as a husky. Daddy is not as fast as the flash. The only thing that can hurt Superman is Kryptonite etc...)

I love how he's really into Vampires and has watched the complete Twilight Saga with me, multiple times on DVD haha

i love our dates together, just him and I once or twice a week. Date always involves a toy store and froyo with Nerds and sprinkles

i love how he is so eager to help with baking even though he's not a big baked goods eater

i love how he 'knows' mom only buys him toys during his birthday or Christmas and maybe Valentines and Easter. We have no problem leaving a toy store as long as he gets time to touch the toys he loves and I take a picture of it so we can reflect on it later

i love how every night before bed we post on Snapchat and play with the filters

i love his new, loud, belly laugh- innocence, genuine, childhood

i love how he still loves to cosleep with me

i love how this kid loves


Thursday, January 12, 2017

16 months (late and lazy)

^^ early riser at 0600 ^^

^^ fav song ^^
  • says "Moe there!" and points at the cat
  • when she feels Moe is doing something naughty, she says "Moe stop!"
  • most frequently used words, "juice" (points at cup), "No" "Elmo"
  • recent gastroenteritis spanning about 9 days. Not sure how she got it, but I suspect it's because the kids were playing with snow and you know how kids put everything in their mouth at this age?! 
  • able to eat nearly an entire instant oatmeal package
  • loves Max's butter cookies- great to add some weight back after post illness weight loss
  • still actively breastfeeding and gets excited when i say the word "breast" and get her in a position to feed
  • sleeps from about 1945-0700 with 2-3 wake ups overnight on average
  • first haircut c/o me! just bangs though
  • slowly giving up first nap, needs to do a bit of crying to get to sleep
  • really into Elmo songs with Celebrities, favourite is Feist' 1-2-3-4 song (see above)
  • knows how to say no and nod her head for yes
  • most played in the toy department are a bunch of letters she puts inside a ziploc bag and dump out again as well as the keyboard with pre-programmed synthesized tunes to dance to
^^ im not one of those parents that posts pictures of their sick kids, but she was so good at BCCH ^^

^^ noodles, rice, oatmeal are our top 3 carbs ^^

Monday, January 9, 2017

Picking Max's Brain

WITHOUT prompting, ask your child these questions.
Max- nearly 5 years old

1. What is something I say a lot? 
I dont know
2. What makes me happy?
me being generous to sister
3. What makes me sad?
me hitting sister
4. How tall am i?
20 years old
5. How old am I?
6. What's my favourite thing to do?
7. What makes me proud of you?
me being generous to sister
8. What is my favourite food?
9. Do I have a favourite child?
me! right mom? me! me and sister!
10. If I could go anywhere, where would it be?
superstore, thats what i think
11. Do you think you could live without me?
no way!
12. What's my favourite song?
13. How do you annoy me?
doing something bad
14. What is my favourite movie? 
a movie that has a veever that talks with a girl (WTF???)
15. Who do I have a crush on?
16. Where was I born?
in the hospital
17. What's my favourite show I watch?
18. Who's my best friend?
me and sister!
19. What scares me?
20. How do you describe me to your friends?
i say mommy loves me, does all the dishes, loves to cook, doesn't she? 


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