Thursday, September 12, 2019

Mikkel is 4 and in preSCHOOL

my little lady is growing up!

This year, we celebrated with a huge dinner at White Spot (kid friendly) with my parents where she ate her first pirate pack (Mac N' Cheese). Her cakes were an individual huge cupcake from the Cupcake shop which she's been requesting over and over again- but strangely enough didnt even eat! I think she just likes the idea of a cupcake but anything bigger than a standard muffin size is too overwhelming for her. We also had a mango fruit cake from St. Germain which is always good and is a big perk for any August/September birthday celebrant. Presents included toys, clothes, and of course the investment gifts that they'll thank us for in the future.

My love is 4! We do it all for you (both) xoxoxo!

  • when she grows up, she wants to be... a dentist (saw the dentist yesterday)
  • favourite toys ... LOL dolls, Barbie, princess dresses
  • favourite food ... maple/brown sugar oatmeal, rice, broccoli, fries, grilled cheese sandwiches, apples with no skin, cranberry juice, bananas
  • favourite shows ... LOL toy opening shows on iPad, Ben and Holly, Daniel Tiger
  • favourite book ... interactive books with flaps
  • best friends ... the siblings of Max's friend's so far, Maelle, Taiya, Cristina
  • favourite activities ... drawing, playing LOL dolls, stripping the Barbies of all their clothes, playing dress up, watching Youtube Kids, make-believe kitchen, and make believe scenarios with toys, accompanying us shopping
  • Fully potty trained this Summer
  • she's independent, knows what she likes and doesn't like, more social and assertive, and learned quick that it's ok if im not with her all the's ok to be with others too (dad, lolo, lola)
  • size 4T-5T clothes
  • shoe size 9
  • still using the stroller but slowly weaning off of it
  • still naps but is ok if she doesn't
  • sleeps with Max and I for night sleep
  • 41" tall, 36-37lbs

Mikkel's next milestone is going to preschool this year - every Tuesday and Thursday from 9am-1pm, same preschool as Max.  Maybe she's mature enough to understand the process of parents leaving their kids and coming back and perhaps it was an EXCELLENT idea to hold her back one year of preschool to grow up a little (she's supposed to be in the 4 year old class but is enrolled in the 3, but if I had put her in the 3yo class last year, she would've been a young 3yo due to being a Sept birthday), but there were no tears or anxiety at and leading to drop off. Mikkel had 100% readiness, willingness, and ability to meet and greet her new learning and social environment and she ran off to play after a kiss goodbye (Max took about 3 weeks!).  

I am here celebrating my renewed time! im not sure about y'all but this time around it's a feeling of accomplishment that my last child is out and about- my time is once again MY OWN (even if it's just two days a week)!

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

SUMMER 2019 Recap, and Max is in Grade 2!

I know, it's been a while.
Posting for memories as usual- honestly, i had a hard time remembering the password for this site!

(picnics! charcuterie and watermelon, who can say no?)

(sea bus)

(Shipyards lookout)

(Super Dogs!)

(Lee's donuts- the BEST!)

We had an amazing Summer this year! my new take on long breaks like this is instead of writing down a bucket list of all the things we need to do, I write down all the things we've done! I feel it's more of a positive take on our time, seeing our accomplishments, and I most importantly had no pressure to do anything we didnt feel like doing.

Things we did this summer:
  • Max had basketball camp for a week at the community centre (2nd year in a row)
  • Max had 13 weeks of soccer with an academy- i think he realized that although he enjoys soccer, it's not something he's passionate about. Max experienced his first real soccer game
  • Mikkel also did a couple of months of qSunday soccer with Little Kickers- she has also realized that not only does she not like soccer, she hates to get hot and sweaty in a structured environment lol
  • we walked through the neighbourhood during the flying ants annual mating season (july 9), it was disgusting yet enriching
  • our strata pool opened and the kids spent many hours cooling off
  • we spent Canada Day at a low key outdoor party where the kids played games and won prizes with friends
  • playdates with classmates and reunions with old friends
  • we watched Aladdin and Lion King at the cinema- Mikkel's 1st and 2nd time watching a movie
  • we were mall rats at Metrotown and would randomly go there in the late evening as it was so accessible
  • skateboarding to far places for Max
  • Trout Lake, Concord Park,  Science World Park, Norquay Park
  • Playland and PNE food, games, and attractions
  • we decorated cookies at Metrotown centre court
  • we spent random yet lengthy times at the dollar-store
  • picnics and music at the parks
  • Max drove his RC car from our house to the skytrain station and learned to "drive"
  • kids both were able to play at the ballet at IKEA (potty trained!)
  • shopping at McArthur Glen
  • sushi dates
  • the kids and I stayed most of August at our private airBNB (my parents' house)- whom were away for a month
  • 4-5 hour trail hikes and picnics at Central Park
  • indoor swimming at my parents' pool
  • staying up late and reading scary stories
  • bronze medal at Jiujitsu competition
  • puddle jumping and endless skytrain rides
  • Shipyards waterpark and Seabus rides
  • cake for dinner just because
  • Max learned how to yo-yo
  • wedding of one of my BFF's and the kids' first experience with a paid babysitter
  • bench warming at Max's first Vancouver Whitecaps game
What i'm actually very proud of was stepping in front of the camera and had some pictures of myself with the kids...finally! 

we loved Summer 2019! it ended way too fast!

(Central Park hikes)


(more Central Park)

(wedding season)

(Whitecaps FC)

(Little Kickers)

(watching Aladdin at the Cinema)


(Soccer game at Burnaby Park)

Back to reality; Max is now in grade 2! Max is in a split grade 2/3 class and not one of his original squad of boys are in his class. He says it's ok though as he can focus without being interrupted for social reasons- good one Max! No major issues this transition; the usual tantrums related to anxiety, change in sleep schedules, back to routine of old sports...things im mindful of and also trying to stay mindful of despite the constant challenges! (ahem, Max!)

(last day of grade 1 ^^^)

(first official day of grade 2 vvv)

Max at GRADE 2:
  • favourite foods: california rolls, pho, all fruits, waffles, chinese rice crackers, seaweed
  • favourite color: blue
  • favourite activities: trading pokemon cards, kicking the ball around, free climbing play, listening to music on portable speaker, spending money earned
  • 3 favourite things: Pokemon cards, Youtube Kids, Mega Man on SNES
  • best friends: Michael and James 
  • teeth status: 6 permanent, 1 loose, 2 cavities

Saturday, January 19, 2019

SEVEN Seven seven!!

  • when he grows up, he wants to be .... a football player and a watchmaker
  • favourite toys ... magformer dupes, lego, hot wheels, guns, Rubix
  • favourite food ... tikka masala sauce, rice, breaded chicken, sapporo itchiban noodles, seaweed, turmeric crackers from Costco, all fruits, peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast, broccoli
  • favourite TV show... random scrolling on Youtube Kids. currently enjoying watching Rubix cubes being solved and kids skiing 
  • favourite book ... HE CAN READ!! 
  • hero ... Bruce Lee
  • best friends .... Cruz, Brayden, Michael, Liem, William, Arjun, Cate, Clare, Ruby, and Alexandria
  • favourite activities ... endurance running, skateboarding, brazilian jiu jitsu, skiing, throwing around a football, kicking a soccer ball, finding cool rocks, basketball, building lego, figuring out Rubix cubes
  • favourite accessories ... his earring and his Flik Flak watch (he learned to tell time because of this watch!)
  • 48.5" tall, 58 lbs

  • typical monday-friday day in his life: wake up at 730am for school. Same old peanut butter (1 slice of bread) sandwich and a glass of water or juice for breakfast. Get dressed, walk to school at 840am and he's OFF! on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays, he comes home and relaxes. We do home reading together where he's currently in level 12-14. I know it's an arbitrary number to you all, but the kid can read! he's got techniques, he's got interest, and the biggest book he's read to date is the full Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss all by himself. 
  • On tuesdays and thursdays, we head straight to Jiu Jitsu where's he's currently a grey/white belt with 4 stripes. i'd love to post some videos but there are so many kids in the file that it'd be a breach of their safety. if you know me in real life, you can check it out on my phone. he's a defensive fighter
  • On Sundays, he goes swimming. he just started swim kids 3 last week

  • for his birthday, him and Gene went on an all day ski trip to mount seymour. first time learner excelled as per usual, and was basically on his own during the bunny runs and carpet lifts on his third try down the slope! he said he had a really good wipe out, and strangers around him had a lot of encouraging words for him and thus he found support and courage to carry on for the entire day. Gene taught him, and now the little man is gearing to get his own equipment for next season if not go again this season 
  • as for a party, we are going to watch Aquaman as a mom and son date (which i LOVE because he rarely gets 1:1 time with me, the last bolus was before Mikkel was born), and then he wants to eat KFC and sushi (california roll with no cucumber or avocado)
  • im making him a zebra cake and putting hot wheels on it!

  • he is such a good and easy kid, i have no worries about this guy. the only thing we actually fight about are 1) giving his 100% effort and 2) wearing weather appropriate clothing. 
  • he's very good to his sister; whom basically yells at him, scratches him, argues with him constantly sometimes just because he's present in the same room haha
  • he still lovingly sleeps with me and im cherishing every moment of it! he's getting bigger, longer, and pretty soon will need his own bed because I really won't be able to sleep properly if im being woken up by his restlessness
Happy Birthday my love!

Friday, January 18, 2019

January 2019

One of my resolutions for 2019 is to print out more hard copy pictures of my children (thanks Costco for making this affordable!)

Did you know my portable hard drive is currently corrupted? it means i CANNOT access pictures and videos of my children from 2018 and earlier- like their entire f*cking history! thank goodness for this blog; the cataloging and uploading of their pictures so I was able to download from here and print out something for the albums. 

And because i've learned my lesson; and that it IS January after are my little loves in their current state of a NEAR Fresh 7 year old and 3 yr and 4 month old. 

(on a side note, i think i was pregnant with Mikkel when Max was about Mikkel's age. I'd just like to add that Mikkel is not at all the same as Max ((she's harder)) and that I can't even begin to imagine anticipating another baby with her neediness! sorry girl if you're reading this in the future, but i think you're a perfect LAST CHILD haha.

Total source of my white hairs, fine lines, and general life stressors but 

p.s. my new years resolutions
  1. skin care
  2. slow buying 
  3. one of my days off must be slow, makeup less, and staying in

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Max in Grade 1!

No issues with back to school this year, kid is ready. He says the best part of summer was spending time with his family (yay)!  I don't even have any questions about this upcoming year except for WHO IS HIS GRADE 1 TEACHER? and WHAT FRIENDS WILL HE BE IN THE SAME CLASS AS? seriously, we don't find out until about Sept 10th, what's up? i don't remember this gradual entry stuff when I was a kid.

Max at GRADE 1:
  • favourite foods: yellow peaches, strawberries, watermelon, broccoli, McDouble, blueberry-pomegranate smoothies from McD, sunny side up egg sandwiches (non toasted)
  • thankful for: "everything in my house, my family, Moe the cat"
  • favourite color: blue
  • favourite activities: biking with dad, long skateboarding excursions with me, basketball, swimming at the Strata pool
  • 3 favourite things: DIY Slime, Lego, and skateboard
  • best friends: Moe the cat, Mikkel, Brayden
  • teeth status: 2 permanent, 2 loose, the rest baby teeth


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